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So what's a SGL supposed to do?

February 26 2004 at 5:13 AM
Ozymandous  (no login)
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Response to Buyer Beware

And I'm all for them. I want them in the game. I think there ought to be a pressure on the player to consider doing research, even at the risk (as Charis points out) of handing out bonuses to those who need them the least. But too much of an "incentive" is worse than none at all. We don't want Papa Bear's porridge or Mama Bear's. Baby Bear's is the right stuff. Is there any reason why we can't have a reasonable effect? A moderate bonus? It should be large enough to matter, but not so large as to dictate and dominate.


The only reason we weren't up in arms about the MGL's from before was because the idea hadn't occurred to us to take ONLY the great wonders off the table. Now that we know that's possible, and the possibility is brought to our attention every time we think about an MGL, or indeed any leader... Pandora's Box was opened, and they won't close it again just by wishing it closed.

So, just what exactly is a SGL supposed to be able to do that won't be overpowered? Rush minor wonders? Why bother when a MGL can usually be had much easier to do the exact same thing? Maybe the SGL could keep their "Age of Science" thing, assuming it was fixed? No, we've already heard Charis talk about how that unalances the game again.

So what is the solution to what a SGL is or would be good for? We've heard the complaints about what they *shouldn't* do, since they can break the game of someone who has bent their entire game around one specific feature, like getting FrostBurns when you're a Javazon and thinking that was good, but not broken, when it gave a much better chance to win the variant.

The SGL seemed to be a way for the peaceful builder types to get a chance to do something the warmongers got to do ALL the time, use GL's to rush any and every wonder. It was ok to marvel at T-Hawk's game when he won with 20k culture after rushing almost every ancient and most middle age wonders via GL, but it's broken now that ONE SGL can rush ONE wonder?? Have our expectations of the game changed, or what?

In any event, what can the SGL offer other than making an 'army' or rishing a minor wonder that would even be worth getting a SGL at all? Ideas? Suggestions?

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