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March 30 2004 at 12:33 AM
Kylearan  (Login Kylearan)
from IP address

Response to Pollution and other points


I haven't posted it here yet, but you can probably guess the URL and read it now.

I've done so yesterday already, but if you publicly hint at your report here, wouldn't it be fair to post it for all now and not only for the URL guessers like me...?

Not sure why, but your reports always inspire me to point-by-point analysis

You're welcome! :p

Also available, and quite likely to be researchable first, was Mysticism, and that's on the Monarchy beeline

My intention was to research as many techs first as possible, and researching the wheel first before mysticism seemed to be good for that. Unlike others *cough*, I haven't seen an SGL in any of my games yet and wanted to try to get one. Didn't succeed, though. And as it turned out, Egypt had mysticism when I met them, but lacked the wheel.

I forgot why I didn't try to go for philosophy; I know I had a reason at that time, I'm just not sure what it had been. :p

True, but that plains tile also provides food to grow the population and hire a second civil engineer as well.

True, but sometimes I need the shields now to finish an important project. And regarding policemen, I never realized they would give more commerce; my mistake I had my eyes only on shields.

How soon did you go for Sanitation?

That decision had been a hard one, what tech to reaearch first in industrial age. Nationalism to beeline to communism? That research would probably be redundant because of the AI's. Steam power for rails? But you needed rails only for mined tiles, which were not many. Or medicine to beeline to sanitation for larger cities and more specialists?

In the end, I felt monarchy lacked something to be desired and wanted to try out communism ASAP. Once I had revolted, I was a bit disappointed by the difference to monarchy and thus wanted to have the SPHQ ASAP (I only had a fuzzy knowledge then of what the SPHQ actually does), so industrialization then espionage was next. Then, with a strong Rome as a tech contender, I feared for ToE and beelined to scientific methods next. When I had this, my prebuild would have finished the ToE in 8 turns, and besides sanitation I had no tech to research in 4 to squeeze in two techs before it, but refining would exactly need 8 turns to research so I made the foolish decision to get that before sanitation, too - I was angry at me afterwards about that.
I always felt bad about delaying sanitation for that long since I knew about its importance, but never paused long enough to think it through thoroughly enough. (Note my total playing time of 10,5 hours that includes ~1 hour AFK... )

1774 AD for space? Pretty good time without Republic. We'll see if anyone else manages to top that...

Assuming someone else has a much faster ancient and medieval age, and assuming that same someone doesn't make foolish mistakes like my move with sanitation, and
also assuming that player would be more willing to micromanage and to think this through thoroughly, sure, then that player should beat me quite easily. Now imagine what would happen if that same player had spoiler knowledge, and/or got more lucky and scored an SGL (or, heaven forbid, even two)! Ah, the possibilities... :p

What I'm asking myself is why such a someone would ponder switching to communism mid-game but delay that decision because of a war, then never mention it again? (It looks like my game could outresearch such a player in the modern age).
What I'm also asking myself is what an AI does if it scores an SGL - will it always try to rush a great wonder, or will it use it for a broken age of science as well? One way to get a hint at that is if someone by chance catches an AI scoring one...


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