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Some General Findings

March 31 2004 at 7:04 PM
Ridgelake  (no login)
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Response to Ridgelake's Report


My game illustrates a problem that I have been having with C3C. The paucity of resources.

From reading the beta reports from people like Sullla, it seems as though Firaxis/Breakaway inadvertantly reduced the number of resources and luxuries when they created the new bonus tiles. Oasis, tobacco, etc. take the place of actual luxuries and resources.

The reduced luxuries make religion more important for happiness concerns. I find it a bit annoying, but tolerable. It might slightly unbalance things as the AI hires clowns instead of adjusting the lux slider as a human would.

But the much more severe issue is the resources. The AI cannot survive without them. The human can (assuming a non-Sid game and even then....) The reduced resources makes the game a crap shoot. Its all a question of who gets the resources.

A related issue is how poorly the AI defends its resources. It is so easy to come in and take the nearby city or at least pillage the site. Huge vulnerability that could be reasonably programmed around.

Another solution would be to reduce the trade cost of resources. Yes, they are valuable. But if they didn't cost so much, it would not cripple the economy of the buyer, thereby hamstringing them by other means. Though not in this game, I have killed the economy of a tech leader by selling them a resource. They never led again and fairly quickly became an also-ran civ. All because the economy was paying for a luxury. So reducing the trade value would substantially reduce this problem. It would also ensure that more civs got resources.

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