My thoughts on the downtime

by Pantless Krab


For anybody that doesn't already know, Nick's friend's name is Johny (Or Jonny, or Johnny or however you want to spell it).

There are a few possibilities to the cause of the servers downtime.

My first thought is that it was a common server crash but without Nick it won't be fixed as fast (Sorry Johny if you know more than Nick about it but I'm really not sure).

Another would be that he just doesn't know about it, also meaning he isn't working on the game, meaning we're all screwed.

One more would be that he took the game down to work on it a lot. (P = Favoured outcomes / Total possible outcomes. In this case it SHOULD be 1/3. But we all know the chances of this are about 1/85625762349573456256234563425685923652).

I don't think anybody should be whining, because for all we know, the game is getting better every hour we're not playing.

Plus we've filled the message board with enough complaints about useless crap for awhile. I think it's time we figured out that complaining here won't get anything done unless it's something that a player can do.

Nick may come here but not often, and I'm not even sure if Johny is alive anymore.....

Oh well. Whatever works.

- PK
- "I live to watch you fail, I am the wind in your sail." - Lagwagon - Wind in your Sail

Posted on Jul 15, 2000, 12:20 AM

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