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by Randus


On the subject of total reset....

I predict that everyone from level 1 to 10 will want it and those above wont...why....because you low levels want to be equal to us....and why is that, because you are to lazy or just to stupid to work up to it from where you are now. I used to be the worst fighter in the game...I used to die to everyone who was 2 levels below me and up...But i worked at it and now im on top of the game...better than anyone except for Rei and even her im equal to. Try and earn a name for yourselves before you give up on what you have. You will ehoy the game much more if you would stop complaining about everyone else and start making friends. Even Apocalyptic Malevolence and myself called a truce after he had me banned 3 times and had my pridigy Vampirella destroyed permanently. Now we are what some would call the best allies in the game. Why? because we stoped bitching at one another. Try it, youll enjoy what you have a lot more if you let it go that your not as strong as someone else. But what do you expect...we have been around for years longer than you...Sorry if your bored with being second best....deal with it. and bitch about what ive said all you want. I could care less. dooby dooby doo :']-~

Posted on Jul 16, 2000, 5:45 PM

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