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PK, I HAVE attempted to make real solutions, many of them, but every time I do, a certain unnamed knight goes off calling them unoriginal. Look down (pretty far down, maybe back a page or two) at the post where I suggest a few things, along with some details. I also posted some ideas, on this page I believe, about teams. I don't bother to post the dozens of other ideas, because the ones that I have posted don't seem to get much of a positive response. As far as making a name for myself: who doesn't know hmm, the guy that started taking out lvl 14's, and advanced so quick, they all wanted him banned (with the exception of AM, who actually defended hmm). I have had conversations with many of the folks out there; quite a few now know me enough not to say, "Hey who's that hmm guy who took out so and so? He can't do that, and hey look, he's a lvl 13! That's not right, let's get him banned!" And finally addressing the comments you made about me being childish at times-I do that intentionally so that people know that I'm just having fun here, you know, like reassuring the fact that it's all just a game, and not to worry so much about something that should be all in good fun. All of us who play here all have to sit down and log on, you know? It's not like we are actually putting on those titan armours and speed rings, and weilding those dragon swords (at least I hope not, ha ha). These words are NOT meant to accuse anybody of anything. I am NOT insulting anyone. I am just defending my "childish" acts to PK.

Posted on Jul 16, 2000, 6:19 PM

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