More than just a vote, Please read.....

by Pantless Krab

Everybody should be able to pick their own reasons. Unfortunetly many of us are putting words into other peoples mouths (Including myself).

My reasons are these:

1. I've worked too damn hard to build up PK as a person.
He's a powerful level 14 mage, and will be the first mage to reach level 15. He is NOT a level 1 mage who uses Bleeding Touch to destroy is enemies. He uses a Battle Axe. He is part of HoD the greatest team there ever was, but most likely not that there ever will be. He is not part of HoD the team with 2 more power than the other guys.

2. Other people's reasons are "wrong". I don't know how else to say it. I believe the lower leveled people want the reset for all the wrong reasons. Power, greed, false respect.

3. ALL THIS BECAUSE THE GAME IS BEING SET BACK A MONTH? WHAT THE HELL? The game being set back a month caused this whole total reset thing and that's BS.

To those who say "Oh, you don't reset because you'll lose your knighthood.". What the hell?
You think a reset is going to prevent Nick from re-knighting the current knights?
The answer is no.

To those who say "You just wanna stay as the most powerful mage.". Yeah that's true, but moreso do I want to be the first mage to level 15. After that you can reset all ya want cause I don't even know if I'll be playing after that.

If you have gripes, fine, you're entitled to them.
But you don't have to be a total dick about it and start going around, like I did, swearing and telling everybody off. That was totally wrong of me and I apologize to anyone that got POed because of it.

Specific apologies go to Hmm, I judged you on the fact that you advanced too quickly. You turned out to be a good person when you're not being attacked by someone else. The best defense is a good offense... Especially true in a battle of words.

Also, sorry to Dounce for calling you fat (Even though it was pretty funny.). Colossus for calling you a big gay wuss (Although I get a good laugh from that one too.).

Apologies to Blaster for calling you a wuss on Diablo II, to Gidion for never paying you back that million bucks, to AM for making fun of your pink tree and well, Coburn for thinking you're a guy, Nick for constantly bugging about stuff, Johny for sending you a list of new monsters from level 1 - 15, Gemini for always ignoring you, Omni for calling your house, Katrina for constantly bugging you about everything and finally to anybody who ever had to read one of my songs in the palace.


- Pantless Krab
- "Hey Beavis, remember that time we partied with Run DMC?"

"Heh, yeah yeah. I took a dump on their bus."

"No dumbass that was Anthrax. I'm talking about Run DMC." - Beavis and Butthead - Bounce

Posted on Jul 17, 2000, 12:23 AM

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