by Kiona ShadoeBlade


Whether we get a total reset is not up to you. Its up to nick. And though I always enjoy listening to people opinions, you, like so many other Hiddenworld goers, have forgotten that there are rules.

While I may personally be all for the reset (we just had a huge one in monarchy, too. We needed it), what im NOT all for is the continued use of profanity in these threads, when I have specifically asked for it to cease.

I dont care if you want to talk about "bitching", or even if you tell someone to suck chocolate salty balls *see posts further down for refrences made there* but do it somewhere else. I have been nice, and tolerant for far too long.

You can all expect many, MANY changes to come about within the next week. This messageboard will be taken down, replaced with something much more customizable, and user friendly. You will still be able to view posts, but you will not be able to post anything.

The site itself may or may not get a facelift. If it happens, it will happen as time allows. All sites WILL be moved to a new server, though, so expect some delays...

But once this comes about, if you dontlike the changes...tough toenails. im going to be a lot stricter than I was, and just because I happen to adore you away from here does NOT mean that I will be lenient at ALL on the boards.

THIS has been everyones final warning.


Posted on Jul 17, 2000, 8:48 AM

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