The Family Tree.....(The first of many)

by Gemini

Chester, bringer of the profits, once a great Mage, now retired
to a simple life as a husband...and just recently...a father. Named
Gemini, after the Profit of Wisdom and Power, he grew to be a much
stronger warrior than his father.

For the first 4 years of his life, Gemini had apreticed under
his father and Uncle, Cronus, in the art of spellcasting. Cronus was
in hiding from his evil, power hungry son, Crondo.

Crondo was too weak to resist the evil influence that exists
in Feldar, unlike his father. Crondo was the weak link in the family,
and Chester had gotten word from his life-long friend Link, that
Crondo was preparing an evil army to invade the sacred forest in
which his family was residing.

"Three first level warroirs", Link explained to Cronus And
Chester, "Two seccond level warriors, one third level warrior and Six
Fifth level warriors. Look's like you've got your hands full guys.
I will help, but us three alone won't be able to hold them all off
at once, we havent fought in years."

"Don't want to admit it Link," Cronus with his head down in
shame, said to the floor, " We need help, but we are outcasts,
supposedly dead."

"You'll have one less to fight", Chester inrupted ," My time
has run out on this plain. It is time to move on."

"You can't leave now Chester", Cronus insisted, "Not in our
time of need."

"For God's Sake Cronus, i'm One-hundred and six years old. all
I would be is a liability to you."

"I forbid you to leave Chester, you are the strongest of us
all....strongest in the Family "

"No I am not"

Cronus and Link's eye's opened as wide as they possibly could,
showing a combination of supprise and fear.

"My son is going to fight the final fight in our disturbed
family tree...he is the one going to dispell the evil from Crondo,
and if not, destroy him."

Cronus's eye's filled with tears, and he fell to the floor...
"Why could'nt I train him better, to resist the evil forces that
pulled him into darkness..."

"It's not your fault Cronus," Chester said in a soft voice to
his weeping brother," Crondo had a weak heart, and there was nothing
you could do to change that."

"Your right Chester", Cronus lifted himself from the ground,
"Now he must pay the price."

"Now leave me be, both of you", Chester closed his eyes and
continued,"It is time...I must breif my son of his task. Good bye
Link, it has been a pleasure, and you my brother......good bye......" Chester faded away into the darkness of his home...

Link and Cronus fled into the woods together, knowing Chester
was watching over them, and over his son most of all...

The next day, Gemini woke to a cold, empty house. He ran
outside, yelling "Father! Where are you Father?

"My son....."

Gemini looked around...looking for Chester, but was un-succesfull.

"We have much to talk about Son.....your time.....has come..."

Posted on Jul 18, 2000, 3:56 PM

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