by Zeus

The Inn

Your ramblings echo throughout the inn for all to hear.

-The Inn's Guests- Name of Warrior Level Location Has been here for Bribe Amount Target
Crimson Ghost 8 Second Floor 1 day 31 gold
HikariLight 4 First Floor 1 day 10 gold
Rezo 4 First Floor 1 day 10 gold
typhoon 5 Second Floor 1 day 30 gold
EGOR 4 Fourth Floor 2 days 545 gold
Roxanne 9 Fourth Floor 1 day 530 gold
Fallen 6 Fourth Floor 1 day 525 gold

Note: Bribe amount is how much it will cost you to bribe the innskeeper into letting you sneak into that warrior's room... "Target" defines who you wish to attack!

You currently have 43125 gold.

Rooms available and their cost: First Floor (5 gold)Second Floor (15 gold)Third Floor (50 gold)Fourth Floor (250 gold)Fifth Floor (2000 gold)


Words spoken in the inn:
[Blizzard] I'll be back
[Cyrusto] no only 150exp and i have 137 right now to reach lvl2
[UNHOLY WARRIOR] what lvl are you
[Purple Monkey] I can already enter Surlay. Ohh remember what bliz said about ffs.
[Purple Monkey] 6000 to reach lvl 5 150 to reach lvl 2 i mean. I have 147 exp. I'm ten ahead.
[Blizzard] I'm lev.5
[Cyrusto] i learn exp fast
[Purple Monkey] Your doin well. I'm lvl 1 UH!
[UNHOLY WARRIOR] i reached lvl 2 in 2 days
[Purple Monkey] How do you get exp so fast?
[Cyrusto] i know you keep bragging about it that really annoying
[UNHOLY WARRIOR] hehe i killed a lvl 5 and im only lvl 3
[Purple Monkey] Did you have high lvl friends UH?
[Zeus] lvl 2 in two days? i'll report it to the knights

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Notice the guy Unholy Warrior. advancing rather quickly i'd say. lvl 2 in two days? little too fast i think.

Posted on Jul 21, 2000, 2:36 PM

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