Story time

by Angels


Really I shouldn't do this but I really am so bored to death that I really need to do something.... So for all those who really haved missed it here is a story for your viewing pleasure....

Days grew long and dark as the sky held a haze that was both gloomy and inviting to those from the darker side of the realm. A presiding priest parted the crowded streets as people came and went. His face was covered with a shrowd of darkness, few saw his hideouw dark face.

Another dark shadowy body nodded at the priest as the two passed. The new figure was hidden within his dark cloak, but there was evidence of his class of a rogue. A weapon slung over one shoulder and his spell book peeped out his satchel. The figure wasn't so bent and worn as the first, yet he did seem to have seen better days.

As the two figures strolled down the street, they were meet by a young and youthful women of higher understanding. Not that she was knowledgeable but that she was a well liked person in the streets. Her flowing hair and staff cared with an ease that known had shown for a time. The three were quietly whispering as they entered the inn where more of the time a bloody bady was strung then a peacful atmosphere was held.

At this time of day most were about buying weapons or new armour or even as far as working in the forest on their skills. Three waited at their usual corner table till they were joined by two other companions. As they sat the bar keeper brought their usual drinks and the whispered amoung themselves.

A scream came from the streets as a peasant like figure ran in and charged the five. At this the oldest figured cast a spell and the peasant fell to the ground shriveling and screaming curses at the priest. And their usual day continued....

Well, I will post more later I have to go... More to come. Angel woman

Posted on Jul 21, 2000, 7:09 PM

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