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New York Show Announcement!!

July 21 2002 at 2:46 PM
Matt  (no login)


Common Rotation will be headlining at The Lion's Den on Friday Auguts 30th at 11:15pm. It's an All-Ages show. They will then enter the studio in NYC to continue work on their new CD titled...........

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There ya go!

July 21 2002, 4:40 PM 

Arrgh posted before I wanted it too...

See New York, now you get some love!

And yay on CD recordage *g*



Adam's Biggest Fan
ABC #1-Founder and Official Geek
ABC Version 1.0 Retro Adam
West Coast So Cal Common Ro Pimp
"Don't don't don't let's start this is the worst part. To believe for all the world, that you're my precious little girl. Don't don't don't let's start, I've got a weak heart. I can't get around till you get around."-"Don't Let's Start", They Might Be Giants covered by Common Rotation-
"It's not the size of the mic it's the length of the song."-"Rockstar", Common Rotation-
"What was so delicately touching was she recalled that I preferred it red."-"Burgandy", Common Rotation-
"I'm not a poet, nor a prophet though I dream from time to time. I'm an artist of illusion and I sketch a strange design.. So don't pay me with respect, just pay me with attention."-"Did A Verse End?", Common Rotation-
"When I was younger I used to get angry at all the girls. Now that I'm older, I just get angry at the world."-"Oklahoma", Common Rotation-

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Re: New York Show Announcement!!

July 21 2002, 5:21 PM 

Yay for a new cd! I can't wait for the finished product!

And looks like New Yorkers got what they wanted...more Common Rotation.

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Why does god hate me?

July 21 2002, 11:02 PM 

School starts 3 days before the Lion's Den show and I will be in Pa. at that time. Grrrrrrrr! sobs in a corner

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Re: New York Show Announcement!!

July 22 2002, 12:13 AM 

AUGUST 30?!?!? a week after i leave to go to New Paltz. But you guys know ill probably find a way to get my ass into the city that night!!!!

Very excited (if i go that is)

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Question for Matt...

July 22 2002, 8:32 AM 

Will we get any shows while the guys are recording or will they be abstaining?

Veronica... New Paltz isn't that far... you can do it.

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July 22 2002, 12:53 PM 

Hey Matt!! What's up with the cliff hanger action???
"They will then enter the studio in NYC to continue work on their new CD titled..........."

Titled what?

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well of course, it figures...

July 22 2002, 5:49 PM 

Doesn't it? doesn't it just figure they play at the lions den FIVE FREAKIN DAYS after i pack my bags and head to beautiful scranton pa? friggin college....


PS-everyone who goes better have a flippin hell of a time for me

Vamped Vixen
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Sounds great.

July 22 2002, 11:46 PM 

I'll be there!

Vamped Vixen
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Well, see...

July 22 2002, 11:51 PM 

this is what you get for trying to better yourself and learn something so you can go on to becoming a useful member of society. If we have learned anything in the past year its that smart people always go psycho and miss out on the good things in life. My solution: be lazy like me!

No really, don't worry, I'll be sure to take lots of pictures and explain everything in mind-numbing detail so you can vicariously live through me. How's that?

Steve Smith
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who else is playing?

July 27 2002, 4:13 PM 

does anyone know who is playing before common ro at The Lion's Den?

Vamped Vixen
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The other bands are...

July 27 2002, 5:31 PM 

Elapse at 7pm (

Twenty After at 8pm

Bustamonte at 9pm (

(Login conqueen)

Not Fair

July 27 2002, 6:01 PM 

All These Gigs are too far for me to travel...Literally the other side of the earth!
aT Least ill see Adam this October when he comes To The Trokia Convention In London (YEY!)

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I think I know what Common Rotation's next album is called...

July 31 2002, 4:31 PM 

I read on a website about Common Rotation's next album. I found out what it's called too...I don' know if it's true or not. I read it was going to be called "Music For Black People" :S help me out here if
it is wrong.

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should be no prob for city show from new paltz

July 31 2002, 7:55 PM 

i know my girl will be coming down to the city for the show, or i'll have to kick her ass, and i can convince others from my alma mater to come down, so don't worry babe. drop me a line in mid august so i can get your number and whatnot, therefore be able to get in touch and figure things out. what dorm you living in? jamie lives in bliss, fitting for a girl that brings it to me.

peace and love,

ps - i'm listening to some old school orange street tape right now while i'm working on my resume. eric on electric guitar. from screwy louie's. the place was a shit hole, but hey you got to start somewhere. it's from '97. it's the first set consisting of:
Blame it on the Boogie
Shakey hands
47 Scotsi
Hammer and Nail (one of the first performances of it)>
Did a Verse End?
Cuckoo's Nest
The Boy.

Most of you newbie Common Ro fans may not know all of these songs. Actually "Did a Verse End" may be the only one you do, but that's ok. trust me, the tape kicks ass.

peace and love again,

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What's up Naggz?!

August 1 2002, 1:46 PM 

He's leaving
He's going
to a place he's never been before

You know that I was heartbroken when they stopped playing that song. Screwy Louie's was one of the best bars in Uniondale that allowed underage drinking. And trust me there were many!! How old would you say you were then? 15 - 16 at most! lil'Naggz!
$25,000 question?
Who was The Boy originally written for?
Who did "the pretty people leave at home?"
I'll never tell!

Sorry I missed out on Naggzfest! I had to go to the Catskills to solidify the family unit. I know I missed a good time and you'll say I missed the best one yet just to make me feel bad!

See you soon (we SO must have a tape trading session and see what gems you've been hiding from the rest of the world)
Jacob's growing mold?

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Re: should be no prob for city show from new paltz

August 2 2002, 1:35 AM 

NaggZ! You trully are the best. I just got my dorm i got a suite at Bevier. But strange it doesn't tell me who my roommate is. But ill def drop you a line in August.
Hope everything is well

Very excited for the 30th let me tell you

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The Boy

August 2 2002, 11:44 AM 

well, the version i was tickling my ears with was the newer version, the one that had a little more funk in the trunk and a little less ballad on the pallet. i know you like the original better, but hey there is definitely a groove to this version that makes me want to get up and dance. unfortunately i can't do that though. got to stay a little less mobile due to the surgery on my tailbone and all.

as for the $25,000 questions, i can't reveal such intimate secrets. only he who wrote the song can.

peace and love,

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