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So when's the next LA Show???

October 28 2002 at 6:18 AM
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Alright, I know, they just played in LA but I'm greedy. I've been going through a little withdrawal. Especially now that I'm travelling into Santa Monica everyday for work (the new job is great!). It reminds me of a few months ago, getting Ken's clunky Pearl drums into their soft leather cases. Him having the perfect way to load the equipment into his cute 4 runner that never seemed to have enough room. Eric and Adam late as usual speeding to the gig from the house down off Pico. (most certainly forgetting an absolutely necessary microphone stand or patch cord). But I'm rambling. Pretty much name dropping. I'm important to the band. Back to the point of them getting their asses into a LA club. From my understanding of talking with the band (I do that cuz I got privileges) the CD should be out sometime between thanksgiving and groundhog day (just in time for presents!!) and I'm hoping they'll play the clubs in the city they like to call their home... Los Angeles.

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Original dialogue. Very nice.

October 28 2002, 10:18 AM 




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hey Naggz

October 28 2002, 10:34 AM 

Were you having a split personality moment there or did someone decide(try) to be funny?

Why oh why does this board attract pyromaniacs? You know, people who like to instigate flames ... should they be called "flamaniacs" or maybe "flamicts?" :lol:

BTW, funny story about the guy on the train. How's work?

Sing it with me now people: waves hands like a conductor
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like rubbing salts,
bitter, bitter
way past a fault -
they don't like to spell,
they can't take a joke,
so we all go out to share HG's smoke."

Maybe 'bitter' is the wrong word, but I just don't get it. So I am going to go back to lurking. Do I detect a pattern here at pop-up central?

Hacker Groupie
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Re: So when's the next LA Show???

October 28 2002, 2:10 PM 

thwaps Dana *LOL* Cute. Very cute.

~Hacker Groupie, still floating after Sat's show


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I don't know...

October 28 2002, 2:18 PM 

Not a split personality on my part, but hey shit happens. Work is going well though. kind of boring at moments, like now, but that is to be expected in this industry. It comes in waves. And yeah, crazy guy on the train, well I saw him today. He just have me a dirty look, to which I had an ear to ear grin. I love pissing old people off!! Especially when they're acting worse than their kids would in the situation. Alright, back to work.

peace and love,

Hacker Groupie
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Re: So when's the next LA Show???

October 28 2002, 2:19 PM 

Also - as to when the next LA show is - We asked Adam Sat night and as of then he didn't know I'm sure that we'll find out quickly as we watch the forum

Hopefully the next show is soon and at Hard Rock

~Hacker.. no wait.. Buddha's Groupie


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No clue...

October 31 2002, 6:08 AM 

Hey cheerleader-have we met? And priveledges? Hmmm... Cool As for the next LA gig as Hacker said we asked Adam and he had no clue. Then again he didn't realize that this month was October and not November so I don't think he knew if he was coming or going g

I'd say just keep an eye out. They just came back so I have to figure we'll get another gig or so before the end of the year. Now it's just a matter of fenagaling out of work and hopefully there NOT being a gig the two weeks involving X-mas and New Years. There's no way in the hellmouth I will be able to get an ADO on one of those days. pout



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