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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Spreadsheet App (View Thread)Anonymous on Apr 21
   *This is neat, where did you dig this up?Simmons on May 25
Chess engine (View Thread)Anonymous on Apr 17
comment (View Thread)Anonymous on Apr 10
Simple SVG reader (View Thread)FellippeHeitor on Mar 10
Fireworks (needs QB64) (View Thread)Simmons on Jan 6
   This is beautiful. Just one minor criticismKew on Feb 4
      Sorry Kew, didn't notice your reply hereSimmons on Feb 22
qb kultmagazine 1 (View Thread)Anonymous on May 16
   well my comment if any interestAnonymous on May 16
      *your words are english, but your grammar is something else... what are you trying to say?stosb on May 16
         *lolMichael Calkins on May 16
         peripherieAnonymous on May 30
            Why is this CRAP here?Clippy on May 30
      qb64 network @hotmail...Anonymous on Dec 28
         mobile phone.basAnonymous on Dec 29
Utility to convert TheBOBs programs to newer mouse routines (View Thread)Simmons on Aug 25
Dijkstra's algorithm on a grid (View Thread)Simmons on Aug 1
   Dijkstra's algorithm on a grid, new mouse routinesSimmons on Aug 2
      Dijkstra's algorithm on a grid, fixed no path glitchSimmons on Aug 2
Dijkstra's algorithm in QB64 (View Thread)Simmons on Jul 29
yes when windows (View Thread)Anonymous on Mar 2
batwar part1(batar) (View Thread)Anonymous on Jan 28
   part2Anonymous on Jan 28
      part 3Anonymous on Jan 28
         part 4Anonymous on Jan 28
qbasic assembly (View Thread)Anonymous on Jan 28
Chopper Commando Clone (View Thread)Simmons on Oct 27
   Very NiceBen on Oct 28
   I added a new weaponBen on Oct 29
      WOW can we take it to Ubekistan? *Clippy on Nov 1
Calendar I call CalenDOS (View Thread)Clippy on Nov 15
   Gorgeous calendars...TheBOB on Nov 15
      I tried to fix the spacing. I also made the monthly info tighter for a phone device.Clippy on Nov 16
         Here's the code without ASCII characters using LINEClippy on Nov 16
            *Nice--just kidding about the holidays :-)TheBOB on Nov 16
               Speaking of holidays, my program says we have a shared one tomorrowClippy on Dec 24
                  *Sorry I missed this, Clipster. Hope you had a great (shared) Christmas!TheBOB on Dec 28
                     I GUESS you had a decent one eh TheBob?Clippy on Jan 9
PNG encoder for MS-BASIC 7.1 PDS (View Thread)Daniel Nice on Nov 11
PNG reader for MS-BASIC PDS 7.1 (View Thread)Daniel Nice on Nov 11
programm who run on vista: 13 programs (View Thread)Anonymous on Nov 7
programm who run on vista: card game (View Thread)Anonymous on Nov 7
might as well post the Sxript calculator (View Thread)STxAxTIC on Sep 28
   What do you compile it with?Pete on Sep 28
      technically...STxAxTIC on Sep 28
         If you're sitting on the fence, you might want to put the gloves back on.Pete on Sep 28
            aww shucks, thanks!STxAxTIC on Sep 29
   reinvented function scopeSTxAxTIC on Sep 30
      if i had to do it, i'd just do thismn on Oct 1
         i almost did thatSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
         Recursion without a stack can be done by making your interpreter function be recursiveqbguy on Oct 1
            ^ what he saidSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
            *lithp ith thexy, i don't know how it thtill ethcapth on Oct 5
   Sxript's near-imitation of HaskellSTxAxTIC on Oct 2
      ExplanationAnonymous on Oct 5
      i have yet to see the code for this projectmn on Oct 5
         you want 10,000 lines pasted here?STxAxTIC on Oct 5
            this is greatmn on Oct 6
         and here is the main library - all one fileSTxAxTIC on Oct 5
            sweeeeeetmn on Oct 6
               accidentally closed my long response! lost itSTxAxTIC on Oct 6
                  that happens. using notepad or leafpad helpsmn on Oct 7
   programflow chartSTxAxTIC on Oct 5
Regular expressions qbasic (View Thread)qbguy on Mar 12
   * LET qbguy FIND the post..................Clippy on Mar 12
      OK Here (* URL)qbguy on Mar 13
   Re: Regular expressions qbasicDerek R on Aug 28
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