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might as well post the Sxript calculator (View Thread)STxAxTIC on Sep 28
   What do you compile it with?Pete on Sep 28
      technically...STxAxTIC on Sep 28
         If you're sitting on the fence, you might want to put the gloves back on.Pete on Sep 28
            aww shucks, thanks!STxAxTIC on Sep 29
   reinvented function scopeSTxAxTIC on Sep 30
      if i had to do it, i'd just do thismn on Oct 1
         i almost did thatSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
         Recursion without a stack can be done by making your interpreter function be recursiveqbguy on Oct 1
            ^ what he saidSTxAxTIC on Oct 1
            *lithp ith thexy, i don't know how it thtill ethcapth on Oct 5
   Sxript's near-imitation of HaskellSTxAxTIC on Oct 2
      ExplanationAnonymous on Oct 5
      i have yet to see the code for this projectmn on Oct 5
         you want 10,000 lines pasted here?STxAxTIC on Oct 5
            this is greatmn on Oct 6
         and here is the main library - all one fileSTxAxTIC on Oct 5
            sweeeeeetmn on Oct 6
               accidentally closed my long response! lost itSTxAxTIC on Oct 6
                  that happens. using notepad or leafpad helpsmn on Oct 7
                     IRRELEVANT TO THE TOPIC!Clippy on Oct 21
                        *it's not irrelevant to x's thread that x & y discuss things. why dont you start a forum?mn on Oct 21
                           I already have one! Pete's Qbasic Site where things are more organized!Clippy on Oct 21
                              "I moderate and get rid of pests like you!"mn on Oct 21
   programflow chartSTxAxTIC on Oct 5
Regular expressions qbasic (View Thread)qbguy on Mar 12
   * LET qbguy FIND the post.................. on Mar 12
      OK Here (* URL)qbguy on Mar 13
   Re: Regular expressions qbasicDerek R on Aug 28
Scheme Interpreter (View Thread)qbguy on Jul 22
   Fixed version with CONS, +, *qbguy on Jul 22
   Update 2qbguy on Jul 23
      Re: Update 2Anonymous on Jul 29
www online with screen.... (View Thread)Anonymous on Jul 3
   wwwAnonymous on Nov 22
lcm of more than 2 numbers (View Thread) on Nov 6
   Re: lcm of more than 2 numbers on Nov 6
      thanks on Nov 7
      census based supportAnonymous on Nov 12
         * I don't follow... on Nov 12
Least Common Multiple (View Thread) on Feb 23
   Doesn't belong in "Big Forums" on Feb 24
      Now THIS belongs in big forums. LOL. Give to next homework cheater on Feb 28
         * >:-) on Feb 28
         lcm of more than 2 numbers on Nov 6
   *changing DEFINT A-Z to DEFLNG A-Z makes mine work with bigger numbers. on Feb 24
      hey mikelAnonymous on Nov 12 (View Thread)Anonymous on Feb 17
   alphabeth...Anonymous on Sep 7
      * Garbage posts! on Oct 13 (View Thread)Anonymous on Sep 7
Look at this dinosaur! (View Thread) on Nov 9
   Missing Dinosaur Food on Nov 10
      OOPS!!! on Nov 19
   i think you has no understand about a basAnonymous on Nov 23
   LOLAndrew Ayers on Jun 26​121122-QBasic-Serial-Ports (View Thread)Anonymous on Jan 11
unmountable .... (View Thread)Anonymous on Jan 9
mennonite's retro intro to qb64 (updated version, tested with qb64) (View Thread)mennonite on Dec 17
no tested about help for interpol(ip) to delete subversive from list (View Thread)Anonymous on Jun 17
   No batch! Use SHELL on Aug 2
qb kultmagazine 1 (View Thread)Anonymous on May 16
   well my comment if any interestAnonymous on May 16
      *your words are english, but your grammar is something else... what are you trying to say?stosb on May 16
         *lol on May 16
         peripherieAnonymous on May 30
            Why is this CRAP here? on May 30
Bessel Functions J0(x) to J12(x) (View Thread) on May 26
   work with that .... i hate plot becouse we need it nature not on paper...Anonymous on May 30
Out of memory.... (View Thread)Anonymous on May 30
microwas... (View Thread)Anonymous on May 13
   txt+Anonymous on May 13
solitaire.bas no tested (View Thread)Anonymous on May 11
   this is a game and if you copy in compilerAnonymous on May 12
      Who are you?Ben on May 13 (View Thread)Anonymous on May 12 (View Thread)Anonymous on May 12
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