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Rook sub is next part that needs debugging...

January 7 2007 at 5:28 PM
Pete  (no login)

Response to Re: Thanks


The queen cannot move horizontally. She can move diagonally. The bishop sub provides for this. The rook sub will not allow the rook to move horizontally. Since the Queen uses that sub-routine, her horizontal movement is also not functioning.

Other fixes look good. The A.I I don't have a lot of hope for but I think some more work could get the basic movements for white working. There is a lot to test though, after that is bullet-proof.

Thanks for replying,


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Response TitleAuthor and Date
Fixedqbguy on Jan 7
   Never mindqbguy on Jan 7
      Fixed (really)qbguy on Jan 13
         AIqbguy on Jan 13
            AI or two player.roy on Jan 14
         Good work on Rook and Queen! Next bug - King won't move.Pete on Jan 14
            Fourth line of KING SUB change Y to 7roy on Jan 14
               Found a bug in EVALUATE functionqbguy on Jan 20
                  You need to save the board positions.roy on Jan 21
                     Re: You need to save the board positions.asdf on Feb 23
                        The code was an example of what was needed to preventroy on Feb 24
                           Easy level chess gameroy on Feb 24
                              Working Program By Meqbguy on Mar 18
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