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My timer idea is not as fiendish...

September 16 2007 at 10:04 AM
Pete  (no login)

Response to Yeah, it could use a better reward!


My idea is more of a race game idea. But with either or both timer ideas added, the can-o-worms theory applies where for every one good programming idea there is an unequal and excessive amount of coding required. You start with a timer, get into a High Score routine, need a file to keep the scores, a display screen, pause feature, etc. Thank goodness we actually like coding! I used to make all such functions as libraries when I programmed in Atari Basic. After awhile, it because pretty fast and easy to put a game together. These days, I don't know what the deal is with me. I tend to program nearly everything from scratch, even routines already have, like the File Explorer display and functions that I posted a couple of days ago. No wonder I don't care for OOP, it spoils my fun apparently.

But speaking of the use of libraries or building with other routines into a new routine, "If I did it" I would consider the Fireworks program Kristopher Windsor posted here around October of 2006 (Firework.bas, maybe?) I do not recall any text screen animation that would work for this. Maybe we need to get the King of ASCII, Myst, in on this!

If you decide on a full screen application, I could give you a unique pathway to Vista. If the user wins on a 32-bit XP or less system, it would give them a graphics show. If the program detected Vista, it would stay in screen zero and print: Silly user, You bought a Vista so all you get is this lousy "You Did It!!!"


PS My son did return to play it yesterday. Wow, he could move that asterisk around fast. He was serious about clearing all of the markers this time and I doubt I could have beat his time if a timeer was available. He likes it and wants to play it again but also exclaimed, "You Did It!!!" That's all I get? I don't know where he gets it from.

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Our ears buzzed, so, we came about ;-).MystikShadows on Sep 16
   Here's the URL to the program I referenced:Pete on Sep 16
      Wow Kudos to Kris, this is awesome work :-).MystikShadows on Sep 17
         give it a tryMac on Sep 18
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