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we dont know ....

May 23 2011 at 7:48 AM
Anonymous  (no login)

@echo off
:: Checks the user's machine for QBASIC
:: and downloads it from Microsoft if needed.
:: Installs QBASIC and all "old" DOS tools
:: directories as appropriate. Performs
:: installation similar to Microsoft's
:: "instsupp.bat"
:: Note - The CDROM version of OLDDOS.EXE
:: is a Windows-based installation program.
:: The version we download here is a PKZIP
:: Self-Extracting file that contains the same
:: files EXCEPT for the MSBACKUP commands.

:: NT uses the "OS" variable, Windows 95 doesn't.
:: NT has QBASIC installed already in \WINNT\SYSTEM32
if "%os%"=="" goto QBCHECK

:: Makes and tries to run a simple QBASIC
:: program. If it works, a zero-byte file
:: named "~test.txt" will be created.
if exist ~test.txt del ~test.txt > nul
echo open "~test.txt" for output as #1> ~test.bas
echo close #1>> ~test.bas
echo system>> ~test.bas
qbasic /run ~test.bas
del ~test.bas > nul
:: If "~test.txt" exists, the user already has QBASIC
if exist ~test.txt goto QBDONE

:: This section puts all "old DOS" files in the
:: WINDOWS\COMMAND directory.
:: Create a script to download OLDDOS.EXE
echo open> ftpscript.txt
echo anonymous>> ftpscript.txt
echo>> ftpscript.txt
echo cd softlib>> ftpscript.txt
echo cd mslfiles>> ftpscript.txt
echo binary>> ftpscript.txt
echo hash>> ftpscript.txt
echo lcd c:\>> ftpscript.txt
echo get olddos.exe>> ftpscript.txt
echo bye>> ftpscript.txt
echo Please wait while downloading needed files from Microsoft!
echo DO NOT close this window. The download is happening in a
echo separate window, and will be complete when there are
echo about five lines filled with "#" characters. When finished,
echo you will have immediate access to the following DOS commands:
echo append expand help
echo loadfix memmaker qbasic
echo restore sizer undelete
echo The following commands will become available the next
echo time you restart your computer:
echo graphics interlnk intersvr
echo print replace tree
start /w %windir%\ftp.exe -s:ftpscript.txt
del ftpscript.txt > nul
:: If the FTP window was aborted, olddos.exe will not exist.
if not exist c:\olddos.exe goto QBVERIFY
:: Run the OLDDOS program (it is a PKSFX file)
:: Echo a "y" into it to answer the yes/no question
:: Specify the COMMAND directory (typically c:\windows\command)
:: as the destination
echo y|c:\olddos.exe -n %windir%\command
del c:\olddos.exe > nul

:: It should work now. Trust, but verify (RR).
if exist ~test.txt del ~test.txt > nul
echo open "~test.txt" for output as #1> ~test.bas
echo close #1>> ~test.bas
echo system>> ~test.bas
qbasic /run ~test.bas
del ~test.bas > nul
:: If "~test.txt" exists, the user has QBASIC working now
if exist ~test.txt goto QBGOTIT
echo Files needed were unable to be downloaded from
echo Microsoft. Press Y if you would like to try
choice /n downloading again. Press N to cancel.
if errorlevel 2 goto QBERROR

rem ***** Enter code here for what happens if user cancels. *****
echo The installation of DOS utilities from Microsoft
echo was not successfull. This program must now terminate.
echo Run this program again to retry things.
if exist ~test.txt del ~test.txt > nul

:: Finish the installation
:: Move the MEMMAKER files up to the WINDOWS
:: directory because that's what Microsoft recommends
move /y %windir%\COMMAND\SIZER.EXE %windir% > nul
move /y %windir%\COMMAND\MEMMAKER.HLP %windir% > nul
move /y %windir%\COMMAND\MEMMAKER.INF %windir% > nul
move /y %windir%\COMMAND\CHKSTATE.SYS %windir% > nul
move /y %windir%\COMMAND\MEMMAKER.EXE %windir% > nul
:: Delete the instsupp.bat file because it does what
:: this file does. It isn't needed after an install.
del %windir%\command\instsupp.bat > nul
:: Run SETVER for the commands that need it. A reboot
:: is needed before these commands will work.
setver 6.22 > nul
setver intersvr.exe 6.22 > nul
setver print.exe 6.22 > nul
setver replace.exe 6.22 > nul
setver 6.22 > nul

:: Delete the "~test.txt" file created in the QBCHECK section
if exist ~test.txt del ~test.txt > nul
:: Clear the screen to allow (but not force) this DOS window to close
:: Enter any code here (or append any batch file) that
:: requires the user's machine to have QBASIC.

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