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floppy 3,5 diskette

August 4 2011 at 9:53 PM
Anonymous  (no login)


this software could run as answer for all
becouse the storage is magnetic
perhaps needs some technik which with languages like perl not given in the background should be a feedsignal to has a screen output...
there no many aspects from apple clippy thenn cleared?
interests welcome to explain if the q b compiler run on the diskette and whenn what a bas for it ....

is to now no good developed perhaps we will try to demontage this bugs with modul bios and no understand any...

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
windows was on floppy ...Anonymous on Aug 13
diskette?Anonymous on Aug 18
   programm??cd rom? noteAnonymous on Aug 20
      MORT.BAS not tested?Anonymous on Aug 23 on Aug 23
            HIDEFILE.BASAnonymous on Aug 23
      on Aug 23
      on Aug 23
                  * I guess I shouldn't be surprised this hasn't been removed as SPAM either...Clippy on Aug 29
                  ??htm.ico perhaps i try'd was not coming on other place yesAnonymous on Dec 5
                     maybee needs a monitor for itAnonymous on Dec 10
                  wordfunction colored lineAnonymous on Jun 29
               *I guess I shouldn't be surprised at how many programs have been written over the decades.Michael Calkins on Aug 27
               gopherAnonymous on Jul 15
            now testedAnonymous on Dec 10
virtuell cd rom archive otaAnonymous on Jul 15
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