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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Palette Fades (in ASM) (View Thread)Tim on Feb 15
Here is the ASM debug it prints to STARCROS.TXT (View Thread)Bob on Feb 10
Pete's Input Function w/Driver for Demostration (View Thread)Mac on Feb 10
2d rotation+movement (View Thread)K3Y on Feb 7
Collision Detection (View Thread)Ildûrest on Feb 5
Yet another deal-52-cards program (View Thread)Mac on Feb 2
Fast assembly routines and practice (View Thread)Tim on Jan 30
getting donkey game to run in demo 5 (View Thread)mennonite on Jan 29
   okay, donkey runs with qb64mennonite on Jan 29
Cardpick game for QB64 bug check. (View Thread)roy on Jan 28
Simple vector-like array API (View Thread)LaananFisher on Jan 23
   updateLaananFisher on Jan 24
      Nice Job Laanan,MystikShadows on Jan 25
         Re: Nice Job Laanan,LaananFisher on Jan 25
      updateLaananFisher on Jan 25
2D tile mapper with fluid barrier collision (buggy and messy) (View Thread)cantide5ga on Jan 23
Random Number Generator (View Thread)K3Y on Jan 20
Generic Interrupt routine (View Thread)Ildûrest on Jan 16
tictaktoe (View Thread)Dude on Jan 14
   FixedSweet on Jan 14
Aklabeth (The precursor to the famous Ultima series) (View Thread)Galleon on Jan 11
   Akalabeth, actuallyIldûrest on Jan 11
Dijkstra's Algorithm in QBASIC (or PDS or QuickBASIC) (View Thread)qbguy on Jan 9
   * Mac, please delete thisqbguy on Jan 9
Djikstra's Algorithm in QBASIC (View Thread)qbguy on Jan 9
Mouse without INTERRUPT or ABSOLUTE (View Thread)Ildûrest on Jan 8
qb64 feature list works in qb64 and qbasic (View Thread)mennonite on Jan 8
Prototype GIF loader (View Thread)Ildûrest on Dec 12
   WIDTH is NOT a reserved word in PDS?Pete on Dec 12
      *Oh. Dear. Didn't even occur to me. Will fix.Ildûrest on Dec 13
   This update should work in all versionsIldûrest on Dec 13
      Might I suggest trying to knit a nice GIF, instead?Martha Stewart on Dec 13
         *Whoops, left an extra SLEEP in there. Hmm, try a smaller image.Ildûrest on Dec 13
            * Tried to load a 1K GIF89a but that turkey still no workie for me.Pete on Dec 13
               Hmmm...Ildûrest on Dec 13
                  I tried a horizontal stripe GIF89a... It took it, turned it sideways....The Rock on Dec 13
   Major revisionIldûrest on Jan 7
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