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Yo, Pete (View Thread)Mac on Feb 24
   Version 1cNo team yet on Feb 24
      Re: Version 1aAnonymous on Feb 26
         Madman411 - Try version 1bMac on Feb 27
            Re: Madman411 - Try version 1bAnonymous on Feb 27
               Make sure to enter your name when you postMac on Feb 27
                  If you want to be able to edit data, you ned to use the INKEY$ routine I made for it.Pete on Feb 27
                  Re: Make sure to enter your name when you postmadman411 on Feb 27
      * Version 1c totals timeMac on Feb 28
      Re: Version 1cmadman411 on Mar 1
         Re: Version 1cMac on Mar 1
            Version 1d with INKEY$ input added.Teams on Mar 2
               Mac, could you edit one line for me please...Pete on Mar 2
                  Done. Slight problemMac on Mar 2
                     I'll check with Mr/ Gates and get back to you...OK, he says to tell you it's not a bug...Pete on Mar 2
                     Esc 'feature' deleted. Version 1d completed.Pete on Mar 4
                        Success!Mac on Mar 5
            Re: Version 1cmadman411 on Mar 4
Unfinished Fake QB IDE (View Thread)Pete on Mar 3
   * RealisticMac on Mar 4
      here's a picture of mystikshadows in screen 0 from a while agomennonite on Mar 4
         *yes he's really that white! (he's canadian, they have it for camoflauge from predators)mennonite on Mar 4
            *damn, i thought "realistic" meant this was the rose thread. wrong subforum!mennonite on Mar 4
Yo, madman411 (View Thread)Mac on Feb 18
   CodeMac on Feb 18
      Mac's program for madman with INKEY$ input and time function added:Teams on Feb 19
         Code updated as per Mac's bug fix a few posts below.Teams on Feb 19
            Re: Code updated as per Mac's bug fix a few posts below.Anonymous on Feb 19
               OK, by popular demand (defined as 2 against 1) input line highlighted:Teams on Feb 19
                  Re: OK, by popular demand (defined as 2 against 1) input line highlighted:Anonymous on Feb 20
                     Scrolling algoritms bump it up to a much higher level...Pete on Feb 20
                        Re: Scrolling algoritms bump it up to a much higher level...Anonymous on Feb 21
                           Incorrect terminology: Algorithm is a general term that can be applied to mathematicsSolitaire on Feb 22
                        Now on to more important issues...How to code. Scrolling example:Pete on Feb 22
   NotesMac on Feb 18
   thanks!Liam on Feb 18
      Re: thanks!Anonymous on Feb 18
         Pete hates LINE INPUT - It only takes 60-min of coding to replace it:Pete on Feb 18
         The rundowns are simple filesMac on Feb 18
   Hey MacAnonymous on Feb 19
      FixedMac on Feb 19
         Madman, if you have the time, check the code at URL enclosed:Pete on Feb 19
            Nice oneMac on Feb 19
   i'm sorry this is irrelevent drivel, but i can't find the mistakemennonite on Feb 22
      Use of "algorithm"Solitaire on Feb 23
Nice water simulation (View Thread)RubyNL on Feb 19
Homework done (View Thread)Mac on Feb 13
   Using Pete's code (w/o swap) - Pete likes fruitMac on Feb 13
      But I buy all my fruit at the SWAP meet.Pete on Feb 14
Gravity Simulator, give me feature requests (View Thread)London on Jan 21
   Very cool, but a fast forward option would make it better for me.ComputerGhost on Jan 23
      Did you try F8?London on Jan 24
         *lol. I should've read through the instructions. Thx for pointing that out. Very cool progComputerGhost on Jan 24
Debugging SUB GroupR (View Thread)Mac on Jan 20
BlackJack (View Thread)ben on Jan 17
Timing Test 7 (View Thread)Mac on Jan 10
   Tried testing the timing test 1 with timing test 2...but it gave me duplicate definitions.Pete on Jan 10
      You are temporarily left outMac on Jan 10
         This is going to come as a kick in the...Pete on Jan 11
Pecos Pete Poker. Draft #1 (View Thread)Pete on Dec 31
   *Nice job! - and the mouse cursor fix is very effective.TheBOB on Dec 31
   Thanks Bob. Draft #2 - Two lnes added to include Ace low straights.Pete on Jan 4
      Really nice program - Needs smarter user than meMac on Jan 5
         Draft #3 - More Mac Friendly? - Also Modified Low Straight + Added Low Straight Flush.Pete on Jan 5
Yet another Dollars-to-Pennies algorithm (View Thread)Mac on Jan 4
   *Why not Pennies = INT(VAL(dol$) * 100)?The PhyloGenesis on Jan 4
      Re: *Why not Pennies = INT(VAL(dol$) * 100)?Mac on Jan 5
Study in 3D? (View Thread)Mac on Dec 29
Untitled (View Thread)Anonymous on Dec 23
   Re: UntitledAnonymous on Dec 23
      Eeeeks! A pseuod-mouse! (For Mac to play with when he puts Bob's train set away.)Pete on Dec 24
         Not workingMac on Dec 25
            Have you checked your 'superior' monitor, lately?Pete on Dec 25
               Hmmm, I'm not sure we're on the same page.Mac on Dec 26
                  It looks like you're running in a Window. Can I help?Pete on Dec 26
                     Hide mouse pointer?Mac on Dec 26
                        I would have so much rather have gone over this in chat...oh well.>Pete on Dec 26
Couple of old threads (View Thread)Mac on Dec 22
Draft 1: 5-hand Draw Poker w/o betting. (View Thread)Pete on Dec 17
   Draft 1: 5-hand Draw Poker w/o betting. (For QB 1.x Users)Pete on Dec 17
   Draft 2: 5-hand Draw Poker w/o betting. COLOR! (for QB 4.5 & PDS - Also use /l switch)Pete on Dec 18
   Draft 2: 5-hand Draw Poker w/o betting. COLOR! for Qb 1.x systems.Pete on Dec 18
   *Rats! Forgot to do the color routine to unhighlight cards. I'll do so in the next draft.Pete on Dec 18
   Draft 3 for QB 4.5 and PDS.Pete on Dec 18
   Draft 3 for QB 1.xPete on Dec 18
2 hands. (View Thread)Mac on Dec 16
   Eeeeeks! Ah how ah many times I gotta tell you to CLOSE ah you darn file!Pete on Dec 16
      For people who dont have the DATA file?Mac on Dec 16
         But dogs don't know it's not bacon...Because you forgot to tell...Pete on Dec 16
Needs patch (View Thread)Mac on Dec 7
an old BBS file (View Thread)lawgin on Dec 5
   * The closest working BBS to me is in Denver, COmatthewr2_1 on Dec 5
Old StatusNumber (View Thread)Mac on Nov 28
Clock Code errors... (View Thread)drew on Nov 17
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