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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Old StatusNumber (View Thread) on Nov 28
Clock Code errors... (View Thread)drew on Nov 17
Printing Fibonacci Numbers (View Thread) on Nov 15
   You're probably wondering why three duplicate sections on Nov 15
   Doesn't run for years on Nov 15
      *My short attention span thanks y...Pete on Nov 15
   More on Nov 15
Encryption By Me (View Thread)Colonel O'Neill on Nov 8
   Good Job. Here is version with fixed files on Nov 8
HtmlToRTF (View Thread) on Nov 6
   *Wasn't sure if C++ was allowed in this subforum, but I took a chance. on Nov 6
   sizeof on Nov 7
      Um... (2^(8*sizeof(int) - 1) bytes on Nov 7
         * I think you mean a 4 gib (Gibibyte = 4294967296 bytes = 4096 megabytes). :-Prpgfan3233 on Nov 7
            * oops, I meant mebibytesrpgfan3233 on Nov 7
strange Get and Put error in SUB pred(it ruins the getted image) PS Run in qb 7.1 (View Thread)RubyNL on Oct 22
Help (View Thread)Lissa on Oct 6
   Re: Helplissa on Oct 6
   * The infield, or on Oct 7
not-working simple gif-converter (View Thread)RubyNL on Oct 1
   * If it doesn't work, what is it supposed to do? (convert GIFs to what?) on Oct 1
      Run it with QB 1/1.1 and you will see(or read this)RubyNL on Oct 2
   CALL INTERRUPT version... on Oct 3
Beta Test Version V3 - McInput$ (specs at bottom) (View Thread) on Apr 11
   Function McInput$ on Apr 19
      Hmmm - The makings of a program generator on Apr 20
   A much simpler demo on Sep 28
Sorted forum poster stats (all posters since netbabbler) (View Thread) on Sep 5
   *The other files are on on Sep 5
   And since a picture is worth a 1000 words on Sep 7
      Wow! on Sep 20
Monopoly (View Thread) on Aug 23
   Original Game on Aug 23
   New Version 3.10 on Aug 23
      Notes: on Aug 24
         Re: Notes: on Aug 24
            "Interesting! Where did you read that?" on Aug 24
               OK on Aug 24
                  Fixed! on Aug 26
                     Found a typo: on Aug 26
                        typo plus bug fixed on Aug 27
                           It seems like it is storing the same number too many times.Kristopher Windsor on Aug 27
                              Err, true on Aug 27
   ReadMe on Aug 23
      Here's a text mode game board, -might work for you... on Sep 6
         * Nice! :-) But really, I cannot imagine trying to fix old game to use a different WIDTH. on Sep 6
            Admittedly, it would be a chore... on Sep 6
               * Yeah, I wore myself out on the other one - Nice concept though on Sep 7
                  I updated the monopoly board... on Sep 8
                     *Wow, that is incredibly realistic. Once again, I commend you. on Sep 10
                     Drop-dead gorgeous! Not you Bob, the game board.Pete on Sep 10
                        *My head is swelling as we speak (FYI, my legs are insured for $3.99). on Sep 10
         * Looks great now! :-) on Sep 8
            *Thanks. I'm amazed at how much you can do with text mode! on Sep 8
               I know of a way to do even more with it: on Sep 11
                  *Absolutely! Hope you do :-) on Sep 11
                     I will, unless, of course, you want to do it for me. :P on Sep 11
                        I agree it would be difficult to write, plus... on Sep 11
                           Actually, I said it would NOT be difficult. It took maybe 20 minutes... on Sep 12
                              Wow! I'm impressed... on Sep 12
                                 * FYI, PRINTing in SCREEN 12 on my XP is *very* slow. :-) on Sep 12
                                 *I agree, fine work. on Sep 13
   TheBob's Board on Sep 10
      Here's the dice funcion, Mac... on Sep 10
         ...or "FUNCTION" as you Americans spell it. on Sep 10
            ....Oooh! Minor correction to your game board version... on Sep 10
               * Thanks. Really nice dice-roll - even makes noise! on Sep 11
                  Here's a GO TO JAIL routine... on Sep 11
         Oopsidoodle, minor correction...Pete on Sep 10
            Added WIDTH 80, 50 and the dice look great. Was that what your were shooting for?Pete on Sep 10
               Yes, the WIDTH 80, 50 statement is in the main program.. on Sep 10
                  *...and of course, this is all SCREEN 0. on Sep 10
                     That's what I figured...Pete on Sep 10
Another Bottle Neck Finder (call bottle.bas) (View Thread) on Sep 13
   Second Part of program (must call it analyze.bas) on Sep 13
   Results of program on TheBOB's movie projector after about 1 min of running on Sep 13
      So, some lines were NEVER executed? Hmmm...... on Sep 13
         Answer to Ted, who forgot... on Sep 13
         Yeah that had me scratching my head too. on Sep 13
   Kris' 3d gui, I just went to the screen saver on Sep 13
Anyone know what problem is being solved? (View Thread) on Sep 13
<yawn> Yet another Tic Tac Toe game (View Thread) on Jul 30
   I'll be more impressed after you write an unbreakable security routine for it - j/k.Pete on Jul 30
      Well, Pete, maybe this will impress you more on Jul 30
         No, now I'm just frustrated..Pete on Jul 30
            * Did you say you made a Monopoly game in QBasic? on Aug 1
               I didn't mention the language - it was made in TI Basic...Pete on Aug 2
                  Ti-Basic? Texas Instruments' language for graphing calculators?'TzmNe on Aug 2
                     LOL, happens to me all the timeIain on Aug 12
   You are working on Monopoly? on Aug 3
      Makes mine look better :+D on Aug 3
Estimating the value of 100 (decimal) in base PI (View Thread) on Aug 9
   What's going on herelawgin on Aug 11
   Can you give me more exact values for a, b, etc?Iain on Aug 12
timer midnight billion years (View Thread) on Aug 8
   * I didn't see anything in there about correcting for leap seconds. . . :Prpgfan3233 on Aug 8
Monopoly cards (View Thread) on Aug 4
   I might as well release what I have of my Monopoly game. on Aug 4
   And this is what I have so far on Aug 4
Dice (View Thread) on Aug 3
Naughts and Crosses program with glitch (View Thread) on Jul 28
   Sorry... on Jul 28
   Unglitched on Jul 28
      *thnx heaps, i did the first E.G* on Jul 28
Program to determine if two line segments cross (View Thread) on Oct 24
   this seems just a little too complicated... on Nov 8
      You are welcome to provide a better version on Nov 9
         Which algorithms did you use? on Nov 9
            Yo, London, not too sure how to answer on Nov 12
   It's not perfect.... on Jul 11
      It's not perfect?????? on Jul 12
         Have you tried... on Jul 12
            I think this might workDavid on Jul 12
               Nope, just make the first line verticle, and... on Jul 12
                  * verticalSpelling Police on Jul 12
   * I never get that right! :-( on Jul 12
      Needed a little tweakDavid on Jul 13
         Close, but no cigar, David. See end of program on Jul 13
            I hadn't noticed thatDavid on Jul 13
               Genius=Dave on Jul 13
                  Yes I see the mistakeDavid on Jul 13
                     * Very good! :D (I still want to make my own with Polar coordinates) on Jul 13
                        Here's another amusing way to do itDavid on Jul 13
                  * Btw, I saw this because you listed it in a recent post :D on Jul 13
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