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Message TitleAuthor and Date
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 31
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 31
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
1337 (View Thread) on Oct 30
Test Program (View Thread) on Oct 20
martha my dir (View Thread)mennonite on Oct 11
   @%!# (a couple things...)mennonite on Oct 11
      >"but then you have to change all of them back to chr$(32)" on Oct 11
         "They should change automatically."mennonite on Oct 11
            Mennonite's program indented in my usual style, for those who care. on Oct 19
               *Still too much indentation for me, but sooooo much better than most. LOL.Pete on Oct 19
   new version works in 9x, me, 2k?, xp. (includes F1 and BACKspace)mennonite on Oct 19
screen 13 custom mouse cursor expiriment (View Thread) on Aug 2
   Edited To Allow The User To Set The Graphic With Data on Sep 28
      For Mennonite on Sep 28
      very very nice. do you mind if i...Mike Chambers on Oct 18
         Also, this shouldn't be limited to screen 13 right? I plan on using VESAMike Chambers on Oct 18
ASCII to base128 and base128 to ASCII converter (View Thread) on Oct 16
   I found some bugs and it didn't post in the forum right :( I'll put it on my website (URL) on Oct 16
      * You might want to edit that page. . . It has some HTML added into it. . .rpgfan3233 on Oct 16
         I fixed it (URL) on Oct 17
Medieval Palette (View Thread) on Sep 24
scroll.bas --- a scrolling demo (View Thread) on Sep 23
   scroll2.bas --- a better version on Sep 23
SemiZIP - merge ASCII files for posting on forum & vv. (View Thread) on Sep 17
   I'm having some problems with your program. on Sep 17
   You need a file that has been built.Mac on Sep 17
      * Thanks, I thought it was a file splitter :P. on Sep 17
         New name for it: "SemiZIP" on Sep 18
List all labels not used (v4) (View Thread) on Sep 11
   Usefual utility, -couple of probs... on Sep 11
      Thanks, TheBob on Sep 12
         Results of KingKong scan on Sep 15
            Goof. The above post by TheBob was accidentally edited on Sep 15
            * Bug fixed, TheBob! Upgraded to V4. Check out KingKong on Sep 15
               *Nice going, -yeah, I use a standard mouse utility and not all subs are used, depending. on Sep 16
                  Not a flaw really, and would rarely happen... on Sep 16
                     Heh - Not a "bug", a "goof" on Sep 17
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