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Message TitleAuthor and Date
preserve spacing: auto conversion to CHR$(160) (View Thread) on Jul 23
Long filename to short using SHELL "dir /a >" +... (View Thread) on Jul 23
Tic-Tac-Toe 1.00 (View Thread) on Jul 23
for chandler (hopefully also for UFOS... but read details) (View Thread)mennonite on Jun 27
   Thanks,butChandler on Jul 20
      *if you're going to do that it will make better use of newkid's multi choice quiz programmennonite on Jul 21
Program for chandler, but it's in C (View Thread) on Jul 14
   Yes,I really like it!Chandler on Jul 20
Base64 Clock Display (sort of. . . comments are welcome) (View Thread)×rpgfan3233× on Jul 18
It's a small world after all - with syncronized lyrics. (View Thread) on Jul 9
   That's nice!Chandler on Jul 12
Icons for The PhyloGenesis (View Thread) on Jul 2
Tunnel Test (View Thread) on Jul 2
SuDoku Tutorial Version 2.1 (View Thread) on Jul 1
For TheBob (View Thread) on Jun 23
for martha (View Thread)mennonite on Jun 22
SuDoku Scratch Pad with Cheat/Check Puzzle option (View Thread) on Jun 20
Make a better function (View Thread) on Jun 18
   Better FunctionEarthborn on Jun 19
draw (View Thread) on Jun 15
   *Kinda fun! Reminds me of Etch-a-Sketch :-). on Jun 15
      *Glad that you like it. I fixed several bugs and added a few minor features. on Jun 15
Major Mods (View Thread) on Jun 8
   i like it!mennonite on Jun 8
      Actually, I don't like the STOP button on Jun 8
         ooh, cool behind the scenes stuff!mennonite on Jun 8
            I quit this game! on Jun 8
               i don't believe in limitiationsmennonite on Jun 8
                  or spelling!mennonite the masher (aww, no.) on Jun 8
   *(Oh, no! Not AGAIN!!!) on Jun 9
      *roflmennonite on Jun 10
What's the matter with this program? (View Thread) on Jun 7
   I'm not sure what the problem is, but I can fix it... on Jun 7
      dunno if that's it... but i know i fixed it 'cause it works now:mennonite on Jun 7
always a fake "os" never a fake interpreter? (View Thread)mennonite on Jun 5
A demonstration of TRUE and FALSE. (View Thread) on Jun 4
edit16.bas (View Thread) on Jun 3
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