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Message TitleAuthor and Date
Fancy Binary to Decimal converter (View Thread)JT on Sep 11
Fancy Binary to Decimal converter (View Thread)JT on Sep 11
QB Print Driver (View Thread)retf on Aug 22
   print.datretf on Aug 22
   print.basretf on Aug 22
Virasm v1.1.3 (View Thread)retf on Aug 18
   config.txtretf on Aug 18
   asm.txtretf on Aug 18
   readme.txtretf on Aug 18
   vars.txtretf on Aug 18
   virasm.basretf on Aug 18
   Progsretf on Aug 18
      blitz.txtretf on Aug 18
      brain.txtretf on Aug 18
      mgun.txtretf on Aug 18
      virus.txtretf on Aug 18
   Questions or Comments?retf on Aug 18
Scripting Program (View Thread)JT on Aug 13
My Line Sub-Routine (View Thread)PhyloGenesis on Jul 26
   *There should be a "DEFINT A-Z" at the very top.PhyloGenesis on Jul 27
      Redo: Includes the driver.PhyloGenesis on Jul 28
   Here is a line-draw sub. Is it optimized??for PhyloGenesis on Jul 29
   Faster and shorter Line Sub-Routinefor PhyloGenesis on Jul 31
      What about this circle sub? Can you optimize this too?PhyloGenesis on Aug 1
         Trouble optimizing circle subfor PhyloGenesis on Aug 2
            Thank youPhyloGenesis on Aug 2
               Comparison of two ways of drawing arcsMac on Aug 3
                  I optimized the ARC generator and got a true circle (Whew!)for PhyloGenesis on Aug 3
                     Circle-Drawing SUBfor PhyloGenesis on Aug 4
mouse driver (View Thread)retf on Jul 26
Student Assignment/Grade Database (View Thread)pete on Jul 20
exe compiler help (View Thread)the unknown qb programmer on Jul 8
   I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTIONzombie on Jul 9
      Re: I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTIONzombie on Jul 9
         *Way to go!TheBigBasicQ on Jul 9
      *thanks!the unknown qb programmer on Jul 15
Extreme Pong (View Thread)Birdman on Aug 13
   One more thingBirdman on Aug 13
      Would have been nice if...Earthborn on Aug 13
         re: would have been nice ifBirdman on Aug 13
            Re: re: would have been nice ifEarthborn on Aug 13
               re:re:re...Birdman on Aug 13
            Constant SpeedJonathan Simpson on Sep 4
               actually...anonymous on Jul 9
   Apparently, ON KEY became obsolete the day XP hit the shelvesGreenMan on Aug 13
      What about...Birdman on Aug 14
      You can use INP(96)Jonathan Simpson on Sep 4
         one more thingJonathan Simpson on Sep 4
            Even better...Earthborn on Sep 5
               Same code but in a way that makes more sense...lkt153 on Mar 20
         *Thanks, I'll give your suggestions a tryBirdman on Sep 5
   I added this instruction to make the game slowerMac on Aug 14
      qb45 v qb11Birdman on Aug 14
   Re: Frame Limiter.AsciiCharSet on Mar 24
FireWorks Start (View Thread)PhyloGenesis on Jul 8
Well, here is the whole program thus far. (View Thread)PhyloGenesis on Jul 8
TelBooks.BAS (View Thread)Mac on Jun 28
   To Use TelBooksMac on Jul 2
RPG problem (View Thread)Daniel O. on Jun 11
Phonebook program - latest version. Any suggestions? Bugs? (View Thread)Solitaire on May 26
   Re: Phonebook programMac on May 28
      Thanks, Mac. I finally got it to work.Solitaire on May 28
      Revised and improved Phonebook programSolitaire on Jun 10
Not HUGE but big enough... Screen Saver Thing (View Thread)PhyloGenesis on Jun 9
Text compression (View Thread)JT on May 30
   some suggestionszombie on May 30
   An updated versionJT on Jun 2
Simple raycaster i wrote (View Thread)BinarySHOCK on Dec 12
   A more complex, slower raycast engineJT on May 31
REGEDIT changes for internet security (View Thread)Mac on May 24
A terminal program I got from somewhere (untested) (View Thread)Mac on May 24
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