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Message TitleAuthor and Date
RPG problem (View Thread)Daniel O. on Jun 11
Phonebook program - latest version. Any suggestions? Bugs? (View Thread)Solitaire on May 26
   Re: Phonebook program on May 28
      Thanks, Mac. I finally got it to work.Solitaire on May 28
      Revised and improved Phonebook programSolitaire on Jun 10
Not HUGE but big enough... Screen Saver Thing (View Thread)PhyloGenesis on Jun 9
Text compression (View Thread)JT on May 30
   some suggestionszombie on May 30
   An updated version on Jun 2
Simple raycaster i wrote (View Thread)BinarySHOCK on Dec 12
   A more complex, slower raycast engine on May 31
REGEDIT changes for internet security (View Thread) on May 24
A terminal program I got from somewhere (untested) (View Thread) on May 24
Booze (View Thread) on Apr 30
   re: Booze on May 1
      Re: re: BoozeAnonymous on May 1
      BoozeH8Tank on May 3
         Analysis of Booze program on May 4
            RE: booze on May 17
My Lemonade Stand Game (View Thread) on Apr 26
My Lemonade Stand Game (View Thread) on Apr 26
JOS Menu (View Thread) on Apr 26
Editor gets stack error (View Thread) on Apr 14
   Gaaaak!GreenMan on Apr 14
      You noticed the GOTOsEarhborn on Apr 15
         not that not that?GreenMan on Apr 15
            GOTOs are unlikely the cause of a Stack OverflowEarthborn on Apr 16
               Actually....Anonymous on Apr 19
                  and...LM on Apr 19
                  *anon == LMLM on Apr 19
Analysis of Program (View Thread) on Apr 11
   New Version on Apr 11
   Old Version on Apr 11
Cryptogram solved (View Thread) on Mar 9
   question on Mar 9
      Run the program several times - You will see the loop on Mar 10
         strange.agamemnus on Mar 10
            I got it! on Mar 10
               ok :) Yeah, the more complicated and less-known your algorithmagamemnnus on Mar 10
AI bot v3 (View Thread) on Jan 30
   Added information : read this !Creactive on Jan 30
   Re: AI bot v3andrew on Jan 30
Sprites for Variation on Nibbles (RATTLER) (View Thread) on Jan 20
   Some useful constants to use with the above on Jan 21
a string and ball proggy.. pointless (View Thread)Munk on Nov 25
here is the prog that was giving me trouble with the doors. (View Thread)webberboy on Sep 24
   Well, maybe you don't check both doors on Sep 24
      thats right. as i said in the other forum...webberboy on Sep 25
         *is anyone trying to fix this? its been months! i still cant figure it out :(webberboy on Nov 7
            I don't think anyone is working on that, webberboy on Nov 7
            Sorry, webberboy, I forgot about your problem. Here is answer. on Nov 7
               *THANKS! it WORKS!!!!!!webberboy on Nov 18
It 's my first program! (View Thread) on Apr 26
   * If only i knew french on Jun 24
   when you get the error, it should have the coursor on a certian area...webberboy on Sep 25
   He wants someone to compile the code, etc. on Sep 25
   *? Why didn't anybody ever compile this guys program? Boo! on Oct 7
   Basket . . . on Nov 8
Hangman (View Thread)Koshman on Nov 7
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