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Message TitleAuthor and Date
I need to help for my program (Zarya) Debug, develop (View Thread) on Nov 21
   Zarya program does what? on Nov 21
      Zarya on Jul 22
         * Why not just wait another 5 years to post this? on Aug 19
         You are welcome to post that new version, even if it has been 5-years. on Aug 21
            * I was wondering how long it would take you to notice that Pete. on Aug 21
Tim Hartnell Project: Program 1 - Robot Minefield (View Thread) on Aug 15
   Program 2 - Awari on Aug 15
      Took out the line numbers with my own REMLINE utility but what is this???? on Aug 16
         *Which makes me wonder, how useful is this type of code anyhow? on Aug 16
         Probably because I don't get games, but does this conversion work? on Aug 16
            *It definately needs instructions I would say! on Aug 16
               all i know is that it's some predated/weird version of Mancala (URL)bp on Aug 16
                  You know monkeys would make really great beta testers...Pete on Aug 16
                     * so we should ask the monkeys how to play Awari?bp on Aug 16
                        Well if you do, leave me out of it... I hate to lose! on Aug 17
   Program 3 - Stronghold of the Dwarven Lords on Aug 15
      Stronghold of the Dwarven Lords on Aug 16
         if there's one thing i've learned so far...bp on Aug 16
   Program 4 - Inner Spring on Aug 15
      Converted faster than a man struck by lightening to Catholicism...Pete on Aug 16
   Program 5 - Follow the Leader on Aug 15
      Changed name to Follow the Peter... Ah, wait... on Aug 17
   Program 6 - Noughts & Crosses (TicTacToe) on Aug 15
      Noughts and crosses conversion.roy on Aug 17
   Program 7 - Werewolves And Wanderer on Aug 15
      It is easy to get it working.roy on Aug 18
         I have made a rough menu.roy on Aug 18
   Fix for Robot Minefield (and possibly more) on Aug 16
   Converted but not working properly. Will check it later.roy on Aug 17
      New conversion.roy on Aug 17
         * Robot Minefield needed a lot more than DIM and DEFINT alteration.roy on Aug 17
3D world (View Thread) on Jul 12
   *Very nice! Going cross-eyed actually works. on Jul 13
   Yup it worked for me too.... on Jul 13
   Problem in IE7qbguy on Jul 13
      Seems more like something YOU would do QB on Jul 13
      Obviously it's part of a boycott against MS products on Jul 13
         LOL, I like that theory better than the "copy protection" oneqbguy on Jul 13
            *Does this mean you're another Dvorak user? on Jul 13
   * Too many sand traps, water is out-of-play, and greens are too small. :( on Jul 13
   Absolutely perfect! ... on Jul 17
      For people (like me) with slower systems... on Jul 20
         Bob, have you ever tired adding a Biometric Rapid Access Network to your system?Pete on Jul 20
            *lol - I thought you were serious, but I see this was one of your "regular" responses. on Jul 20
Animation using a single array code (View Thread)ClearAirTurbulence on Jul 12
   * Integer Array size needed is 2634 for 109 X 94 on Jul 12
      *When DIMming 2634 for a 109 94 image it produces an error (Illegal function call)ClearAirTurbulence on Jul 12
         *It stops producing the error when I DIM 2661 for a 109x94 imageClearAirTurbulence on Jul 12
            Because your image is actually 110 X 95 on Jul 13
               *Ah I see right 0 to 109 counting the 0 pixel thank you I didn't think of that.ClearAirTurbulence on Jul 13
                  No problem. Happens all the time on Jul 13
                     *That he is, I'm glad to see he has his own graphics forumClearAirTurbulence on Jul 14
   SolutionClearAirTurbulence on Jul 16
      Why even post this? We showed you how to do the other image! on Jul 16
Example of SCREEN 2 image... (View Thread) on Jul 16
   incredible on Jul 16
      * Bob is an expert at creating DATA! on Jul 16
      *Most any photo/paint application will dither as a 1-bit conversion option. on Jul 16
Particle fountain for the fourth (View Thread) on Jul 4
   *Particle fountain for the fourth is so realistic, it set off my smoke alarm. Very nice! on Jul 4
   *Positively festive! on Jul 4
   *Very nice. on Jul 4
EGA Screen Buffer (View Thread) on Jul 1
Testing an addition/modification to Solitaire's Scan Keyboard program... (View Thread) on Jun 28
C lisp interpreter (View Thread)Anonymous on Jun 22
   Lispinit file for C lispAnonymous on Jun 22
ATOM3 (View Thread)petko10 on Jun 15
   ATOM3 - a very cool improvementpetko10 on Jun 16
moi's Font Editor for DOS (posted with AAAA replacing ****) (View Thread)not moi on Jun 13
QB64 Linux compilation data (View Thread)qbguy on Jun 9
   * I hope you realize that QB64 NOW has a Big Program area on Jun 9
      *here, or at on Jun 10
         * QB64 has it's own Big Programs area in the Forum here. on Jun 10
            *ah, at the top of the qb64 pagemennonite on Jun 10
               * That's right, unless you want it to show up in the Index... (it is long enough)rpgfan3233 on Jun 10
                  *no, no... i like it where it is.mennonite on Jun 10
                     * QB64 has it's own Big Programs area in the Forum here. on Jun 10
Swarm Intelligence Program (View Thread) on Jun 1
Code for the "QBASIC Forum" (View Thread)qbguy on May 31
Finished! well at least as much as we are going to do (View Thread)New Guy's Helper on May 13
   With Rem statments, And credits at the wn and defeat screen!New Guy on May 13
      *Looks good. Thank you for posting it.roy on May 13
   That was a great school project... especially for a group.Pete on May 13
NewGuy's Program (View Thread)Pete on Apr 21
   An example of Page flipping in SCREEN 9 on Apr 21
      How would we page flip thisNew Guy on Apr 22
         You will need to use Screen 7 on Apr 22
            I did as you said but Its not working properly!New Guy on Apr 22
               You are confusing DATA with PUT on Apr 22
                  I don't know what to say! (I'm stuck)New Guy on Apr 23
                     Try this and see what happensroy on Apr 23
                        As it is in Big Programs I have done it for youroy on Apr 23
                           Thank YouNew Guy's Helper on Apr 23
   O my! Ok I'll try.New Guy on Apr 21
      *Sry Clippy I didn't see you thread when I asked that!New Guy on Apr 21
         *No problem. I forgot to add the Image Array anyhow....fixed on Apr 21
   Ok so we have page flipping in effect. BUT now what?New Guy on Apr 25
      I will help again as you still have a lot of work to do butroy on Apr 25
         *This alteration will preserve barriers,run smoother and fire bullets.roy on Apr 25
         Nice work roy!Pete on Apr 25
         I am in your debt! Thank you. One question though?New Guy on Apr 28
            You will need to use POINT(x , y)roy on Apr 28
               If you are stuck again, here is a rough example.roy on May 1
                  Ok ima work with thatNew Guy's Helper on May 1
                     IS ANYONE ON AT THE MOMENT? I have a questionNew Guy's Helper on May 1
                        This is not a chat roomroy on May 1
                           * How quickly we turn on our buddies LOLClippy on May 2
                  Re: If you are stuck again, here is a rough example.New Guy on May 2
                     I was getting you there step by step.roy on May 2
                     The reason for the discrepancy when hitting the enemyroy on May 2
                        The drawenemies sub example was to show you how to blank out PUTSroy on May 2
                     This may be easier for youroy on May 3
                        Added a firing delay called... bulletaway! on May 4
                           The pairs dissapearing is still a little unreliable!New Guy on May 8
                              We are trying to help you.roy on May 8
                                 Sry about that! What do you mean by dead variable range.New Guy on May 8
                                    dead is a variable just like a can be a variableroy on May 8
                                       The drawenemies sub is a bit tedious to typeroy on May 8
                                          *Ok so what do we have to do from here?New Guy on May 9
                                          Without making drastic changes this will workroy on May 9
                                             * That's why I hate making games on May 9
      * The Black box is erasing your barriers. Move down some on Apr 25
   Ok here is what we have right now! Its not working! Anyone know how to fix it?New Guy on May 7
      Remove END and INPUT k just after the looproy on May 7
3D object (View Thread) on May 5
   Pretty good stuff... on May 5
   Reminds me of a rotating cube I posted from a book a few months back...Pete on May 5
      * You mean "CIRCLE statement"Speeling Police on May 6
         * He meant what he said dummy!MEANing Police on May 6
Camm's Game Revisited (View Thread) on Mar 30
   Re: Camm's Game Revisited on Mar 30
   Original Game as Downloaded on Mar 30
   Modifications by Mac Version 6Camm/Mac on Mar 30
   The Wizard's Curse (Instructions)Camm/Mac on Mar 30
   Modifications by Mac Version 7 on Apr 7
      Neat game! I made one change for players who bomb out fast, like me...Pete on Apr 25
BASIC INTERPRETER FOR QB64 (View Thread)qbguy on Apr 10
   * Don't work for me on Apr 20
      * Are you trying to say it doesn't work for you or are you telling me not to work for you?qbguy on Apr 21
         * LOL How could you ever work for me? on Apr 21
Forum posting history (View Thread) on Mar 29
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