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Message TitleAuthor and Date
PLAY macro decoder (View Thread)Tim on Mar 15
   Try this PLAY with GOTO nightmare.Clippy on Mar 16
      Removing the extra line numbersqbguy on Mar 17
         Yeah, I recall sombody posted a program to remove them.Clippy on Mar 17
            Micro$uck wrote REMLINE.BASqbguy on Mar 18
               * BSD license? Gimme the crap from M$ if you are a thief.Clippy on Mar 18
                  Oh well, Pete already rewrote it (* URL)qbguy on Mar 19
Pi calculation (View Thread)qbguy on Mar 15
3D Points in space (View Thread)Tim on Feb 28
   I want fries with that...Pete on Mar 1
      Oh yes, files...Tim on Mar 1
Scrolling 'help' menu for Mike. (Reagan speech provided as test data.) (View Thread)Pete on Feb 1
   thanks pete but...mike on Feb 4
      Re: thanks pete but...Pete on Feb 4
         thanks pete!! this helped me alot!mike on Feb 5
            You're welcome...Pete on Feb 7
               lol one more question petemike on Feb 12
                  CHAIN is coolClippy on Feb 12
                     thanks clippy/ few more questionsmike on Feb 12
                        I don't know of any limitClippy on Feb 12
                        * No limit except maybe by the DOS 640k RAM limitationqbguy on Feb 12
                           hmmm...mike on Feb 13
                              You need QB4.5 or above to compile programsClippy on Feb 13
                                 more questions on compilingmike on Feb 13
                                    Re: more questions on compilingClippy on Feb 13
                                       can u give an example?mike on Feb 14
                                          * Large arrays, double number values, lots of PRINTS.Clippy on Feb 14
                                             well i tried to compile itmike on Feb 15
                                                You are going to have to break the program into more modulesClippy on Feb 15
                                                   uhhh....mike on Feb 15
                                                      What is the module size including the SUBs?Clippy on Feb 15
                                                   now i understand what you meanmike on Feb 17
                                                      I would only CHAIN or LINK when necessaryClippy on Feb 17
                                                         RE: CHAINmike on Feb 17
                                                URL* to multi-modular programmingPete on Feb 15
                                                   i understand some of the programmike on Feb 18
                                                      SHELL is used to go to DOSClippy on Feb 18
                                                         i guess i dont need SHELLmike on Feb 19
                                                            * Just remember CHAIN only links to another EXE / BAS file.Clippy on Feb 19
                                                               what is an OBJmike on Feb 23
                                                                  object filesMichael Calkins on Feb 23
                                                                  Object files can be used to make a Library file.Clippy on Feb 24
Prime Numbers to 100k (View Thread)London on Feb 11
mike's wargame 4 (View Thread)mike on Dec 24
   few bugs in it stillmike on Dec 24
      I don't see how your file can work as PUTPretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 26
         it does workmike on Dec 26
            * Well, the point was that you don't need the positions apparentlyPretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 26
               you mean...mike on Dec 26
                  Perhaps.............Pretty Lil Dutch Clip on Dec 26
         plus array not needed for D variablesmike on Dec 26
      wargame4 update & questionmike on Jan 9
         Yes, COMMON SHARED or SHARED variables do not need passed.Clippy on Jan 9
         Use commas to separate variables...Pete on Jan 10
         another question on improving my gamemike on Jan 18
            Sure is! Use an INKEY loop with UCASE$ or LCASE$ for possible CAP lock issues.Clippy on Jan 18
               so would it look something like this?mike on Jan 19
                  Yes, but you may want to place the Select Case in the loop.Clippy on Jan 19
                     thanks for your help clippymike on Jan 21
                        Your welcome. Don't lose any SLEEP over......uh.... :)Clippy on Jan 21
   1 question for anyone and one for petemike on Feb 1
      What I recommend you do is this...Pete on Feb 1
         thanks petemike on Feb 1
3d tic tac toe (View Thread)Anonymous on Sep 1
   TIC TAC TOE GUI VERSION call interruptqbguy on Sep 27
      tic tac toe gui version call absoluteAnonymous on Sep 27
         tic tac toe 3d +gui v2Anonymous on Sep 30
      Tic Tic Toe 3d + gui call interrupt v2Anonymous on Sep 30
         You need QB 4.5 with the library runningTed Weissgerber on Jan 30
            Shouldn't that be "QBASIC cannot use interrupts"qbguy on Jan 30
Moving Window Experiment... (View Thread)Pete on Dec 28
   * i get a "Subprogram not defined", proably because i'm using 1.1bp on Dec 28
      * You need QB4.5 with the library loaded ( QB.EXE /L )Clippy on Dec 28
      Hey bp! Here's one that will run in QB 1.1Pete on Dec 28
         * nice. i like that!bp on Dec 28
   Three Resizable, Movable, and Closable Windows in SCREEN 9.Ben on Dec 28
   My attempt at some fast window transfer routinesArtelius on Dec 29
      Hey, you fudged it!Pete on Dec 29
         *That's the way Windows are, it seems.Artelius on Dec 29
            Must I optimize everything you do?Pete on Dec 29
               Not tested, butArtelius on Jan 2
                  OK, here is the change, which worked, and I removed an unneeded movwin function.Pete on Jan 3
                     HmmArtelius on Jan 3
                     Page-aware version of my routinesArtelius on Jan 5
                        Calling DEFPROGRAMMER A-I-Man...Pete on Jan 18
Untitled (View Thread)Anonymous on Dec 29
Phylo's Clue Helper with PCOPY screen test added... (View Thread)Pete on Dec 12
Tetris (View Thread)Tim on Oct 30
   Very nice!Ben on Oct 31
      Please do...Tim on Nov 2
   PentrisTim on Nov 12
      *Lots of fun!TheBOB on Dec 7
Programs from "The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to Aritficial Intelligence: IBM PC BASIC Version" (View Thread)Imortis Inglorian on Nov 11
   Expert System ExampleImortis Inglorian on Nov 11
Pete's word processor improved to include a clippy (View Thread)qbguy on Aug 31
   I recall my wp app used to work... until Clippy was added!Pete on Aug 31
      * Then perhaps you would prefer the AFLAC duck?The Duck on Aug 31
      OK I added your changesqbguy on Sep 1
      Word for MS-DOS worked fine too until Clippy was addedqbguy on Sep 1
         I got rid of the files on my desktop by typing del *$qbguy on Sep 1
I need to help for my program (Zarya) Debug, develop (View Thread)Utku on Nov 21
   Zarya program does what?To Utku on Nov 21
      Zaryautku on Jul 22
         * Why not just wait another 5 years to post this?Clippy on Aug 19
         You are welcome to post that new version, even if it has been 5-years.Pete on Aug 21
            * I was wondering how long it would take you to notice that Pete.Clippy on Aug 21
Tim Hartnell Project: Program 1 - Robot Minefield (View Thread)bp on Aug 15
   Program 2 - Awaribp on Aug 15
      Took out the line numbers with my own REMLINE utility but what is this????Pete on Aug 16
         *Which makes me wonder, how useful is this type of code anyhow?Clippy on Aug 16
         Probably because I don't get games, but does this conversion work?Pete on Aug 16
            *It definately needs instructions I would say!Clippy on Aug 16
               all i know is that it's some predated/weird version of Mancala (URL)bp on Aug 16
                  You know monkeys would make really great beta testers...Pete on Aug 16
                     * so we should ask the monkeys how to play Awari?bp on Aug 16
                        Well if you do, leave me out of it... I hate to lose!Pete on Aug 17
   Program 3 - Stronghold of the Dwarven Lordsbp on Aug 15
      Stronghold of the Dwarven LordsMarcade on Aug 16
         if there's one thing i've learned so far...bp on Aug 16
   Program 4 - Inner Springbp on Aug 15
      Converted faster than a man struck by lightening to Catholicism...Pete on Aug 16
   Program 5 - Follow the Leaderbp on Aug 15
      Changed name to Follow the Peter... Ah, wait...Pete on Aug 17
   Program 6 - Noughts & Crosses (TicTacToe)bp on Aug 15
      Noughts and crosses conversion.roy on Aug 17
   Program 7 - Werewolves And Wandererbp on Aug 15
      It is easy to get it working.roy on Aug 18
         I have made a rough menu.roy on Aug 18
   Fix for Robot Minefield (and possibly more)Artelius on Aug 16
   Converted but not working properly. Will check it later.roy on Aug 17
      New conversion.roy on Aug 17
         * Robot Minefield needed a lot more than DIM and DEFINT alteration.roy on Aug 17
3D world (View Thread)Artelius on Jul 12
   *Very nice! Going cross-eyed actually works.The PhyloGenesis on Jul 13
   Yup it worked for me too....MystikShadows on Jul 13
   Problem in IE7qbguy on Jul 13
      Seems more like something YOU would do QBClippy on Jul 13
      Obviously it's part of a boycott against MS productsArtelius on Jul 13
         LOL, I like that theory better than the "copy protection" oneqbguy on Jul 13
            *Does this mean you're another Dvorak user?Artelius on Jul 13
   * Too many sand traps, water is out-of-play, and greens are too small. :(Pete on Jul 13
   Absolutely perfect! ...TheBOB on Jul 17
      For people (like me) with slower systems...TheBOB on Jul 20
         Bob, have you ever tired adding a Biometric Rapid Access Network to your system?Pete on Jul 20
            *lol - I thought you were serious, but I see this was one of your "regular" responses.TheBOB on Jul 20
Animation using a single array code (View Thread)ClearAirTurbulence on Jul 12
   * Integer Array size needed is 2634 for 109 X 94Clippy on Jul 12
      *When DIMming 2634 for a 109 94 image it produces an error (Illegal function call)ClearAirTurbulence on Jul 12
         *It stops producing the error when I DIM 2661 for a 109x94 imageClearAirTurbulence on Jul 12
            Because your image is actually 110 X 95Clippy on Jul 13
               *Ah I see right 0 to 109 counting the 0 pixel thank you I didn't think of that.ClearAirTurbulence on Jul 13
                  No problem. Happens all the timeClippy on Jul 13
                     *That he is, I'm glad to see he has his own graphics forumClearAirTurbulence on Jul 14
   SolutionClearAirTurbulence on Jul 16
      Why even post this? We showed you how to do the other image!Clippy on Jul 16
Example of SCREEN 2 image... (View Thread)TheBOB on Jul 16
   incredibleLisztfr on Jul 16
      * Bob is an expert at creating DATA!Clippy on Jul 16
      *Most any photo/paint application will dither as a 1-bit conversion option.TheBOB on Jul 16
Particle fountain for the fourth (View Thread)Tim on Jul 4
   *Particle fountain for the fourth is so realistic, it set off my smoke alarm. Very nice!Pete on Jul 4
   *Positively festive!TheBOB on Jul 4
   *Very nice.The PhyloGenesis on Jul 4
EGA Screen Buffer (View Thread)Tim on Jul 1
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