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Is anybody using IPv6 yet?Simmons on Jul 12
Windows 10's console host now supports ANSI/VT100 escape sequences?!Anonymous on Jul 9
 Re: Windows 10's console host now supports ANSI/VT100 escape sequences?!Michael Calkins on Jul 9
  a lack of ansi support is the only thing that makes fig a pain to install for windowsmn on Jul 10
Serial port WiFi modem for retro computingAnonymous on Jul 1
Some thoughts on what a desktop OS should have.Michael Calkins on Jul 1
 Re: Some thoughts on what a desktop OS should have.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
I'd like one of you more computer savvy people to try Temple OSSimmons on Jun 25
 *You're silly to even suggest it.Anonymous on Jun 25
  *uh, so, no?Simmons on Jun 25
   *Probably easier to just use BSD.(*Probably*) on Jun 25
 * Skimmed the blog/gateway page; amazing feat, but the page content turns my stomachAnonymous on Jun 27
  Yeah, he's definitely nutsSimmons on Jun 28
   I think I can explain some of itAnonymous on Jun 28
   *So no security at all. A bug in any program can crash the whole system.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
    *That article I posted below actually mentions thisSimmons on Jun 30
 a fair number of spree shooters have conditions like that.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
  most people who are like that arent really dangerous thoughAnonymous on Jun 29
   *the story of bobby fischer is interestingAnonymous on Jun 29
 This is interesting. A blog of someone porting third party software to TempleOSSimmons on Jun 30
  *There is an example of a language and an OS being developed together: C and Unix.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
 If you have an interest in obscure or non-mainstream OSes...Michael Calkins on Jun 30
  I'll try a few of theseSimmons on Jul 1
   Re: I'll try a few of these (1PS)Michael Calkins on Jul 2
    * Gary Kildall, not KindallMichael Calkins on Jul 8
    Sigh... (correction about peter norton)Michael Calkins on Jul 11
     it was exactly like this:mn on Jul 11
  * also HelenOS, another microkernel.Michael Calkins on Jul 8
Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on emulatorsSimmons on May 23
 *Looks like processor speed is an issue. No way to slow it down in a VMSimmons on May 23
  Ctrl+F11 to slow it down in DOSBox.Michael Calkins on May 23
accessing big file systemsMichael Calkins on May 21
 *Are you booting from the external HD?Simmons on May 22
  *No. Booting WinXP from internal HDD. Booting Slax from internal DVD drive.Michael Calkins on May 22
   *Can't you just format it in something a little more manageable?Simmons on May 22
    *I don't know. Maybe a big sector size. It's not just the format, but the partition table.Michael Calkins on May 22
Patch for unsupported Windows XP and Windows 8 to help defend against ransomware attackClippy on May 15
 *Thanks for this.Michael Calkins on May 15
ReactOSAnonymous on May 4
 Cool!Simmons on May 5
in defense of smaller (in keyword) dialectsmn on Mar 15
new programmable legos (for younger kids than the usual ones)mn on Mar 14
* Clippy is available in Google Chrome (URL)Anonymous on Mar 5
 shucks, weve had him on the forum for years. also for vi:mn on Mar 5
  * Clippy available in Google Chrome, sure, but ours is available in antique ass.Pete on Mar 9
   *polished worked too. but this works!mn on Mar 9
    * Yeah. In the end, the age factor won out!Pete on Mar 10
 Intel say it ain't so...Clippy on Mar 10
"synthesis programming" - microsoft has invented virtual recyclingmn on Mar 5
 * Hey, it looks like you're trying to create a crappy piece of bloatware! Can I help?Not really MicroSoft's Research Division on Mar 5
myths about computer science-- computer science is all about mathmn on Mar 5
 *math definitely helps, especially with proof and "theory of computation"mn on Mar 5
A language to build other languagesSimmons on Feb 27
 its more about "features" than "looks"mn on Feb 27
  or as myst once said (correctly imo) its about bindings...mn on Feb 27
   I think the mountain of libraries is the ticket.Simmons on Feb 28
    i think youve more or less got the ideamn on Mar 1
     If this could remotely work, here is where the insanity startsSimmons on Mar 1
      *youve been reading that story about the "hello world" of machine learning is writing xor?mn on Mar 1
       *No, what is that about?Simmons on Mar 1
        having machine learning write its own code is the next "thing" i guessmn on Mar 1
         *Now that you mention it, I think I did read something about that in SciAmSimmons on Mar 2
 yacc/bison is such a languageAnonymous on Feb 28
  *Are there any main stream examples that use this?Simmons on Feb 28
  there are lots of existing tools to create a parser (for c, python, java, js-- even php)mn on Mar 1
 CMake is another one, though it's not necessarily what you meant.Anonymous on Mar 3
  *yeah, im pretty sure *make isnt related. its a good tool though-- saved me some hasslesmn on Mar 3
  *then again, many config tools are destined to become turing complete, so you never knowmn on Mar 3
that time i got computer languages and computer science rightmn on Feb 26
canadian logo for actual people (how to program your parents and siblings)mn on Feb 21
 InterestingSimmons on Feb 22
  the funny thing about logo, is what people dont know about itmn on Feb 22
   what i meant to add was, how successful logo is nowmn on Feb 22
A federal judge has ruled that Microsoft can sue the US to tell customers about searchesClippy on Feb 10
 *goodmn on Feb 10
this 1963 hit was partially inspired by the teletypemn on Feb 8
 1970s teletype output (4megs)mn on Feb 8
  *Dang, I'd like to OCR that, pop it in GWBASICSimmons on Feb 10
   i think i found the author (fun, not necessarily useful)mn on Feb 10
   i dont know if these will be easy to ocr, but they might help you type the program inmn on Feb 10
    If I wasn't so lazySimmons on Feb 10
Anyone know much about old hard drive technology?Simmons on Feb 3
 yeah, the old coating was called airmn on Feb 4
  It's one of those nothing to lose momentsSimmons on Feb 4
   well i think youve got the right attitude thenmn on Feb 4
    I didnt think of the drive headSimmons on Feb 4
     cant it run on floppies anyway?mn on Feb 4
      Oh yeah, not a problem reallySimmons on Feb 5
       i was going to reserve a pi before they were readily availablemn on Feb 5
        If i get into linix SBCs it would be for embedded devicesSimmons on Feb 5
         Re: If i get into linix SBCs it would be for embedded devicesmn on Feb 5
Proof that Gates ws a thief from the start even when creating QbasicAnonymous on Feb 3
 fake news. heres the real version...mn on Feb 3
BACON basic to C converterAnonymous on Jan 30
PowerBasic is giving away a couple compilers right now.Dav on Jan 27
 *what is so special about powerbasic? why are they 'good'?Jim on Jan 27
  im told powerbasic is the greatest basic there is... it has fans heremn on Jan 27
   I don't know if I'd say PB is the greatest basic there is.Kew on Jan 28
    Ain't no 'x += 1' in QB64.*- on Jan 30
  Re: *what is so special about powerbasic? why are they 'good'?Dav on Jan 29
 How do those free versions do with 32 bit graphics and mouse? *Clippy on Jan 28
  Re: How do those free versions do with 32 bit graphics and mouse? *Dav on Jan 29
 Thanks for the announcement- on Jan 30
Have an old Apple 2, but have no software? Fear not!simmons on Jan 24
 what region do you live in anyway?mn on Jan 25
  I live on the edge of known civilizationSimmons on Jan 25
   oh, ok. on the unlikely chance thebob comes your way, tell him i said himn on Jan 25
    *I always thought we should have a Qbasic convention in VegasSimmons on Jan 25
     that or hanover, new hampshiremn on Jan 25
      Hanover, New Hampshire... sounds like a party townSimmons on Jan 25
       the original-- heres where the line numbers came from...mn on Jan 25
        *actually you could have a single letter, or a single letter and at least 1 digitmn on Jan 25
Resuscitate your old PC or Mac with Raspberry Pi's new x86-based Pixel OSClippy on Jan 1
 * I thought it was bad enough you are a Liberal. Now you're supporting Linux?Pete on Jan 5
  shh, pete, windows 10 is a lefty operating systemmn on Jan 6
  You can also still get Windows 10, but many older PC's will not be able to use it.*Mr Obvious on Jan 8

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