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*The BBC is reporting major bugs in basically all CPUs, but is not saying what they are.Michael Calkins on Jan 4
 speculative execution and cache timing leak kernel data?Michael Calkins on Jan 4
  define necessaryeasylangs on Jan 4
   Re: define necessaryMichael Calkins on Jan 4
    i dont think that was meeasylangs on Jan 4
  link to early blog postMichael Calkins on Jan 4
computers are back!easylangs on Dec 18
comparing basic - fig - bash - python - js (function plus call)easylangs on Nov 30
how to tell if your iso is hybrid and what to do if it isnteasylangs on Nov 10
Wanted to move Puppy Linux from a CD to a USB drive. Question...Pete on Nov 3
 Re: Wanted to move Puppy Linux from a CD to a USB drive. Question...easylangs on Nov 4
  pygameeasylangs on Nov 4
the gnu general public license -- version 3, 29 june 2007easylangs on Oct 30
*easylangs on Oct 30
ansicon is probably the simplest tool for gaining ansi support in windowseasylangs on Oct 29
 a download link would be a good idea... (url)easylangs on Oct 29
welcome to the non-qb subforumeasylangs on Oct 29
smallbasic exampleeasylangs on Aug 18
"wifi modem" lets you connect to wireless network from 8-bit computerseasylangs on Aug 16
hey, look what language its usingeasylangs on Aug 15
Not a joke in the least: please help Ted find an image host that doesn't suckAnonymous on Jul 23
 I recommend he use Loeself...Pete on Jul 24
 vgy.meSMcNeill on Jul 24
  * thanks steveAnonymous on Jul 24
  Great but what happens to all of the images posted to sites already?WTF on Jul 24
   * Did it ever dawn on you that most tech co's are run by demoncraps?Pete on Jul 24
    Did it ever dawn on you that this crap site is next? *WTF DUH on Jul 24
     * Remember, you are the guy who posts "The sky is falling" and now you believe it, too!Pete on Jul 24
Is anybody using IPv6 yet?Simmons on Jul 12
 * Your question probably didn't make it through their IPv4 NAT routersAnonymous on Jul 23
Windows 10's console host now supports ANSI/VT100 escape sequences?!Anonymous on Jul 9
 Re: Windows 10's console host now supports ANSI/VT100 escape sequences?!Michael Calkins on Jul 9
  a lack of ansi support is the only thing that makes fig a pain to install for windowsmn on Jul 10
Serial port WiFi modem for retro computingAnonymous on Jul 1
Some thoughts on what a desktop OS should have.Michael Calkins on Jul 1
 Re: Some thoughts on what a desktop OS should have.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
I'd like one of you more computer savvy people to try Temple OSSimmons on Jun 25
 *You're silly to even suggest it.Anonymous on Jun 25
  *uh, so, no?Simmons on Jun 25
   *Probably easier to just use BSD.(*Probably*) on Jun 25
 * Skimmed the blog/gateway page; amazing feat, but the page content turns my stomachAnonymous on Jun 27
  Yeah, he's definitely nutsSimmons on Jun 28
   I think I can explain some of itAnonymous on Jun 28
   *So no security at all. A bug in any program can crash the whole system.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
    *That article I posted below actually mentions thisSimmons on Jun 30
 a fair number of spree shooters have conditions like that.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
  most people who are like that arent really dangerous thoughAnonymous on Jun 29
   *the story of bobby fischer is interestingAnonymous on Jun 29
 This is interesting. A blog of someone porting third party software to TempleOSSimmons on Jun 30
  *There is an example of a language and an OS being developed together: C and Unix.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
 If you have an interest in obscure or non-mainstream OSes...Michael Calkins on Jun 30
  I'll try a few of theseSimmons on Jul 1
   Re: I'll try a few of these (1PS)Michael Calkins on Jul 2
    * Gary Kildall, not KindallMichael Calkins on Jul 8
    Sigh... (correction about peter norton)Michael Calkins on Jul 11
     it was exactly like this:mn on Jul 11
  * also HelenOS, another microkernel.Michael Calkins on Jul 8
  2 more microkernels.Michael Calkins on Aug 21
Just wondering what peoples thoughts are on emulatorsSimmons on May 23
 *Looks like processor speed is an issue. No way to slow it down in a VMSimmons on May 23
  Ctrl+F11 to slow it down in DOSBox.Michael Calkins on May 23
accessing big file systemsMichael Calkins on May 21
 *Are you booting from the external HD?Simmons on May 22
  *No. Booting WinXP from internal HDD. Booting Slax from internal DVD drive.Michael Calkins on May 22
   *Can't you just format it in something a little more manageable?Simmons on May 22
    *I don't know. Maybe a big sector size. It's not just the format, but the partition table.Michael Calkins on May 22
Patch for unsupported Windows XP and Windows 8 to help defend against ransomware attackClippy on May 15
 *Thanks for this.Michael Calkins on May 15
ReactOSAnonymous on May 4
 Cool!Simmons on May 5
in defense of smaller (in keyword) dialectsmn on Mar 15
new programmable legos (for younger kids than the usual ones)mn on Mar 14
* Clippy is available in Google Chrome (URL)Anonymous on Mar 5
 shucks, weve had him on the forum for years. also for vi:mn on Mar 5
  * Clippy available in Google Chrome, sure, but ours is available in antique ass.Pete on Mar 9
   *polished worked too. but this works!mn on Mar 9
    * Yeah. In the end, the age factor won out!Pete on Mar 10
 Intel say it ain't so...Clippy on Mar 10

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