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I'll tell you why I think M$ made Vista UAC such a pain in the ascii...

by Pete (no login)


Everyone I talk too says that Vista security warnings, from the UAC, absolutely suck. Every time you touch anything a damn dumb warning pops up. If there was anything it ever did catch, you'd 'OK' it anyway, out of habit. But just as the saying goes that the Devil's greatest trick is making people believe he doesn't really exist, Micro$oft is tricking the public for their next 'big thing' and it ain't Surface. Micro$oft intends to make their software available online and just like cable, charge a monthly service for it. That's big bucks if they can pull it off. So how to help that along? They make a crappy system like Vista and then come to the rescue as the big hero by telling the public the only way to be safe at your computer and enjoy use without alert messages against dangerous activities is to use the completely safe Micro$oft online software. They'll still call your computer a PC but it will just stand for Public Controller.


Posted on Oct 21, 2007, 10:19 AM

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