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Sort of a "dumb" question!

by Garry (Login GarryRicketson)


But I don't want to remain "dumb" so I am am going ask,..
Clippy or any one, it seems like I did see a chart ,on the qb64 wiki, or some where, but don't remember where,..
The chart showed what the :CHR$(255), for example, what key is it, or I always for get, what the CHR$(??) for the escape key is, If I could find a chart, and copy it , so I had it for reference that would nice,...cause I never can remember the values..for any of the CHR$(xxx)...
Thanks from Garry

Posted on Sep 28, 2011, 6:13 PM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
Never Mind , I found itGarry on Sep 28
A bitmap is included in my Q-Basics DemoClippy on Sep 28
 Ok Thanks...Garry on Sep 28
charactersMichael Calkins on Sep 29
 * Cool but I don't think that Garry is a HEX kinda guy...:-)Clippy on Sep 30
  all programmers should beMichael Calkins on Sep 30
   * Basic uses decimal: PRINT &H60 and you get 96...Clippy on Sep 30
   All programmers should be familiar with hexGarry Ricketson on Sep 30
    okayMichael Calkins on Oct 1

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