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I'd like one of you more computer savvy people to try Temple OS

by Simmons (no login)


You can download an ISO there. I successfully installed it in virtualbox.

Its esthetics are dosshell like to me, but there is a lot of significance in Temple OS (especially the command line) that is lost on me.

The most interesting part of Temple OS is that it has been entirely developed by one man, who just happens to be schizophrenic. He has developed this operating system to talk to God, and God has been instructing him on how to make it.

He wrote his own compiler, development language (Holy C), kernel, grep, etc; all from scratch. Seems like a remarkable feat to a layman such as myself. All to some insane ends that only Terry (the developer) knows.

THe most interesting part are his rants and ramblings he posts on his website, and twitter account. He think's he's being followed by the CIA.

If one of you lads could tell me what you think of the OS, I'd appreciate it. I'm having trouble figuring out some of the command basics. Terry expects the users to have quite a bit of skill with operating systems already, and doesn't think very much of people who don't (as evidenced in some of his life streams)

Posted on Jun 25, 2017, 10:02 AM

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Response TitleAuthor and Date
*You're silly to even suggest it.Anonymous on Jun 25
 *uh, so, no?Simmons on Jun 25
  *Probably easier to just use BSD.(*Probably*) on Jun 25
* Skimmed the blog/gateway page; amazing feat, but the page content turns my stomachAnonymous on Jun 27
 Yeah, he's definitely nutsSimmons on Jun 28
  I think I can explain some of itAnonymous on Jun 28
  *So no security at all. A bug in any program can crash the whole system.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
   *That article I posted below actually mentions thisSimmons on Jun 30
a fair number of spree shooters have conditions like that.Michael Calkins on Jun 29
 most people who are like that arent really dangerous thoughAnonymous on Jun 29
  *the story of bobby fischer is interestingAnonymous on Jun 29
This is interesting. A blog of someone porting third party software to TempleOSSimmons on Jun 30
 *There is an example of a language and an OS being developed together: C and Unix.Michael Calkins on Jul 2
If you have an interest in obscure or non-mainstream OSes...Michael Calkins on Jun 30
 I'll try a few of theseSimmons on Jul 1
  Re: I'll try a few of these (1PS)Michael Calkins on Jul 2
   * Gary Kildall, not KindallMichael Calkins on Jul 8
   Sigh... (correction about peter norton)Michael Calkins on Jul 11
    it was exactly like this:mn on Jul 11
 * also HelenOS, another microkernel.Michael Calkins on Jul 8
 2 more microkernels.Michael Calkins on Aug 21

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