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ch-ch-ch-ch-changes (just like Bowie)

November 10 2008 at 9:33 AM
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Response to hope and change

Jim, well stated, couldn't be more on the nose with your assessment. Bush was a major problem of the last whatever years. I even voted for him and admit that...

I have to correct you on one thing, Obama is saddled with the problems of both parties. Remember, Pelosi has been in power for two years now and nothing has changed (people tend to forget who has had the majority). Remember fellow grads, Congress make the domestic laws. To me, it doesn't matter who is in charge. As witnessed over the past two years, we have gotten further and further into this nightmare...oh, and if you blame Bush for all of it...look at who led the charge in congress. In my opinion, everyone of our political leaders need to be replaced in congress as well. Obama should only be the start.

Now, if you don't remove the very people that have been causing all of the problems (not just Bush), you will have the following:

- Pelosi has wanted to get her hands on your 401K for years and use that money for Federal business (fact) (again this is just an example, not picking on any one particular congressperson)
- We have Senators that are now above the laws (Ted Kennedy leads the pack, other Republicans follow). Such minor things as bouncing checks, to accepting bribes, and even money laundering.
- These people are making the laws that you and I have to live by, but they are above all of these laws themselves!!!

What I suggest:
- The people should challenge both the executive branch and the legislative branch as follows:

* Mandatory limits on Congress terms. I don't care if they are limited to two consecutive terms and can come back later...dynasties must end!
* I agree with Presidential term limits, however, I would make the limits the same as Congress (two consecutive terms, then can come back later).
* Any congressman caught in any crime is automatic dismissal after hearing of exception. They must follow the very laws they legislate...even jail terms.
* Most certainly the final thought here is Congress may not influence Law Enforcement, nor the Judicial processes that may be held over them. That should be another crime punishable by whatever the statue may be.

OK, I have vented for a few minutes...if I offended anyone, I apoligize in advance, however, I think these topics need serious thought. Enjoy!

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