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Upper Arlington SNP Help please

November 1 2011 at 8:02 PM
Jennifer Perdue  (Login JPerdue99)
from IP address

Hello all my name is Jennifer and I am a graduate of UA class of 1999 I am here to do some networking. I recently became the area supervisor for the SNP (Suburban News Publication) for Upper Arlington. There is great need for youth and adult carriers for this area. Currently there are 26 open routes that need covered so that we can get this great publication out to the community. So many people look forward to receiving this publication weekly. It is unknown as to why this area is having such a hard time finding youth carriers as of course there are plenty of youth in UA. So I am asking all of you to think of a child you may know who wants to earn extra income, or to learn responsibility and dedication to a job at a early age and please either have their parents call 614-847-0085 or 1-866-354-6030 or I will even go as far as giving my personal email jalp2023@yahoo.com please make the subject SNP. We currently live in hilliard and my daughter had a SNP route in our neighborhood she has been doing it for about 2 years now and has saved a good deal of money. Delivery is just one day a week Wednesday and the papers are brought directly to your home and the child just has to put the inserts and paper togeather than deliver them. Most often you can get a route in your own immediate area and it can all be done by walking. I know their are way more than 26 members here who have children or grandchildren living in UA who could benefit from the sense of pride from earning their own money and doing it by serving their great community. The SNP is a great way to get the word out about what is going on in the community it often features stories that showcase the youth of UA. There maybe some of you here who are directly affected by the lack of carriers you may not be receiving your weekly papers and this is why. As a area supervisor I am not only out recruiting new carriers I am also covering 6 routes that are currently open delivering over 600 newspapers weekly until I can find carriers, so I am asking all of you to help me spread the word so we can continue to make this great publication available to UA! Thank You

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respond to ua delivery

January 3 2012, 10:47 PM 

they don't post it in the ua news anymore that they need carriers.

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February 26 2012, 3:38 PM 

I think the problem is there were tons of carriers and then the SNP started charging them. I have a friend who still resides in UA. Her son was delivering the SNP as a good way to earn his own money. The SNP started ridiculous practices and he stopped delivering as a result. Maybe if the practices were revamped more parents would allow thie children to deliver. Good luck to you. happy.gif

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