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Sevenwinter Lances ... Or something Like it

June 20 2003 at 5:57 PM
Quark  (no login)
from IP address

Over at http://www.sevenlances.com we have recently set up a persistent world module (Nordock) for our use. After requesting it, I am wondering if anyone here would like to become involved:

Server Location: nwn.usyrscomputer.com
Password: seven

More details are available over at the SevenLance's new NWN forums.

NOTE: This is a partial HCR module. Not quite as strict, but it has many of the scripts involved. I will say that resting is not the pain in the ass it was originally.

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Roland *The Gunslinger*
(Login Roland *The Gunslinger*)

Nordock is available to all.

June 20 2003, 7:41 PM 

Anyone who can run a server can run that module. It is freely available for download over at the Vault. It has been so since the first few months after NWN's release.

Having said that, I am hesitant to join ANY online NWN community. More to the point, given the 7L community that I remember from old, I'm hesitant to stick my nose into that community now. While I appreciate the offer, I must, at this time, decline (for more reasons than just that; somewhere I made a post about how I'm pretty much "gamed out" for the time being, and I think it was over in the NWN forum; not sure though).

One more thing to add: given that this is a FREELY AVAILABLE module, designed NOT by the 7L crew, the only real reason to go to it would be for the community. There are a hundred different Nordock clones out there. What, especially, makes this one different from any other? Unless you've completely ripped it apart and rebuilt it from scratch (in which case it is no longer Nordock), what is the point in going to this one over one of the other hundred or so different Nordocks available (community aside, here)? Not trying to put you, specifically, on the spot. Just raising some general questions about it all. Your offer, essentially, is no different than me grabbing a copy of Nordock and throwing it up on my own server (should I choose to erect one). And, really, wouldn't that be a better solution?

One thing one must understand about online communities, be they NWN or otherwise: each one is different. The RB crowd is a very different sort of crowd (one I speak of from outside, looking in, rather than from truly being a part of it, as I do not consider myself as such) than most. Attempting to merge this crowd with that of 7L could bring about any number of results. The best road, IMO and from personal experience, when it comes to online communities is to build something up FOR that community specifically, rather than try to tie in multiple communities into the same realm of existence. I am not criticizing your offer, but rather stating a point (and opinion). Barring any significant changes to the module, the more ideal path may be to simply grab a copy of Nordock off the Vault and throw it up on a server of our own, rather than attempt to migrate into an existing PW. I have found it, myself, difficult for even ONE person to attempt to join a long-standing PW, and especially the community surrounding it, let ALONE an entire existing community. But, to each their own, and all that.

Personally, I would love a PW. I miss that aspect of NWN (it's the ONLY thing I miss). But what drove me away from the last PW I was a big part of was the community in and surrounding that world (particularly that which RAN the world, but I'm not getting into that). So, forgive me if I am hesitant about joining another community. I would MUCH rather have a world that I can call my "own", even if I don't run it, rather than try to join one that I am, at best, only loosely connected with. I know hardly anyone in 7L, and I barely have contact with any of the administration (of those that I know; I don't know them all), so joining that community would be sketchy at best.

We have a community here, one that I find very much to my liking (even if some do not like me ) even if I don't consider myself much of a part of it. If I were to join a PW, I'd rather it be one built by, or at least for, this community, tailored to its needs and wants, rather than an existing one. Hence why I have barely started to tinker with NWN for the purpose of a PW. I cannot, personally, do much in the way of the Toolset, but I can construct lands, at the very least. I certainly cannot construct an entire PW on my own, but I could, at the very least, construct portions of one for others to work with, if they so chose. I may be interested in doing just that, should the community have enough interest in an RB PW (and, of course, should there be enough volunteers to actually do the project ). But that would be something the community (in whole or in part) would have to decide. Right now, interest in NWN is at minimal, it would seem. But who knows.

Anyway, enough of my ramblings. This post has gone off on more tangents than even I expected. So I shall end it. Thank you, once again, for the offer, but I, at least, will be declining (if only "for now" ).

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(Login Quark)

Sorry for waiting to respond to this ...

July 10 2003, 7:00 AM 

... But I wanted to have substance before I claimed anything.

You're right, Nordock is available to everyone.
You're right, It is about the community.

However, we are changing the module, slowly but surely. I have (and still am) expanded the ATS system, finishing holes in the system. We've modified many of the death penalties to our liking. We've made crafts sellable so you actually gain something from time spent. Tons of small bugfixes are in. TheDragoon is working on more areas, and others might be as well.

I have found it, myself, difficult for even ONE person to attempt to join a long-standing PW, and especially the community surrounding it, let ALONE an entire existing community. But, to each their own, and all that.

Granted. However, this entire existing community is also constantly growing (as no one thinks the Realm is big enough). Ironically, of the people I play with in NWN, I had only seriously played with EspyLacopa before. Most of the others either weren't playing D2 that much at the time, or were in HC. Someone who just became a realm member this week is already playing with us in NWN.

The one thing I see going very well right now is roleplaying. We're going about it pretty well (having more than any other group/game I've played with) and have made many common sense jumps too.
The one that sticks out to me: When rogues are scouting, they come back to the party to report what they've seen. No shouting from within a horde of monsters at what lurks there (Hey, they'd hear ya, you know?).

Anyway, while I understand your point about being hard to join communities, I think ours is pretty easy to enter. If anyone actually tries it and doesn't think they fit in, then at least they tried right? It was really just an offer because here this is a dead game and there it is not.

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(no login)

Hail, Roland sai, something you may want to reply to

July 10 2003, 12:56 PM 

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