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Any thoughts on "Batman Begins"?

September 26 2006 at 12:07 PM
John Lindsey  (no login)


For me this is the definitive Batman movie! just as good as 1989's movie and "Batman Returns" but more of a true Batman movie with just the right casting and atmosphere instead of being a fantasy and focuses mainly on the hero rather the bad guys.

Bale is now the best Batman there is! i can't wait for the sequel.

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Men on film

September 26 2006, 4:06 PM 

So THEN we wents to see "Batman Begins" which kept trying to justify the Batman costume without Christian Bale actually being IN the costume while he's busy chatting up with Miss Fishie...I mean Miss Thing--Katie Tomkat, who was wearing totally inappropriate clothing herself.

Hated it!

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Re: Any thoughts on "Batman Begins"?

September 30 2006, 12:03 PM 

As a movie, it's slow.

As a Batman Movie, it beats Tim Burton's tripe by miles. It harkens back to the type of storytelling found in the Denny O'Neil/Neil Adams era (circa 1972). This is what The Batman should be, brooding, haunted, and driven. I was pleased.

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September 30 2006, 1:38 PM 

What a GREAT movie!. I remember waiting for months for Tim Burton's Batman to arrive in 1989. Then I heard that Michael Keaton was cast as Batman. I was literally horrified. Not only was he too small, he was Beetlejuice for Pete's sake! He proved to be an average Bruce Wayne, but a terrible Batman. He looked way too cartoonish and unbelievable.

I liked the setting and the dark atmosphere that BATMAN-1989 (and Batman Returns) had. I thought that the second one was casted better than the first. Danny DeVito was the PERFECT Penguin, and anything Christopher Walken is in is an instant hit with me. But I digress...

Christian Bale played Batman/Bruce Wayne perfectly! I was unsure about him until I went out and rented "American Psycho". That made me believe that he could pull off the psychological part of Bruce Wayne. Not only that, he is a big guy in both height and weight. Seeing him in the batsuit was the clincher. The story was great as well. I think that going back to the origins of the character was a key element in setting the foundation for future movies. And how perfect was Michael Caine as Alfred?

I thought that the Batman franchise was dead for good after Batman Forever and Batman and Robin (both were terrible). This is a great chance to make an honest effort at giving Batman fans what they truly deserve!

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(Login javagirl20)

Re: Awesome

October 2 2006, 3:46 AM 

Better than tim burton's batman, I don't think so, talk about having our own style and just by watching the beginning credits you know it's a Tim Burton Film, If we want to embrace a sense of originality with the whole Batman Series than how can we say it went wrong with Tim Burton's style?

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