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Into the Wild

April 4 2008 at 8:03 AM

  (Login Smirkdirk)

Watched it. Good movie, but I was a little disappointed on how they decided to focus so much on the parents. The book presented them much more sympathetically. The movie almost seemed to try to blame the parents for steering him in the direction he decided to go that eventually lead to his death, whereas the point of the book was not that his parents were dicks so now he's dead, but rather, what type of personality wants this type of extreme adventure, and what happens when the adventurer doesn't come back with great tales to tell, but rather dies a horrible, agonizing death of starvation all alone? - and isn't the risk of something like that happening actually what is so tantalizing about the adventure to these types of personalities?

Like I said, I liked it, but the parent thing was such a wuss out and seemed to provide an easy explanation, when really, there isn't an easy explanation for these type of people.

That being said, William Hurt played the dickhead father spot on.

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re: Into the Wild

April 4 2008, 12:20 PM 

Oh my g-d I hate clowns! Sorry, I saw your avatar and got scared. Anyway, I was a little bit disappointed in the movie, it did seem to focus on "he did this because of his dickhead parents". I think he did it more for another reason and yes it had something to do with a personality trait.

I did enjoy seeing how he got down the Colorado River, still trying to figure out how he spent 3 weeks in a cave down in Mexico. Which they focused on that a little bit more.

Why are the books always so much better then the mocie?

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Re: re: Into the Wild

April 21 2008, 1:12 AM 

I'd like to see it.  I read the book a few years ago. 

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