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Oscar Pool!

February 17 2010 at 10:05 AM

Odd Todd  (Premier Login oddtodd7)

Hey Movay Board!

Let's help Haiti! Enter the Oscar Pool! Takes two secs and its all for a good cause!

If someone from the movay board wins you can tell me the first movay i need to see post-oscars! You can be nice about it or mean about it.

I'll see it!

Get in the Pool! Cmon!

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Re: Oscar Pool!

February 19 2010, 12:40 AM 

Will be doing this. I still haven't actually donated anything to Haiti stuff. Too many celebrities with millions of dollars after my tenner. After "We Are the World" with Auto-Tune, I would have just donated to get the celebrities to stop it already. But I guess it doesn't work that way. They just keep going, and going, and going.

It's funny, (not really), but the actual people of Haiti could give less than two fucks about those celebrities and how they've become the pet-cause of the moment. What happened to Darfur? (BTW: I really do think that "Bruno" will stand the test of time - I find that movie ingenious and dare say that, to me at least, it's better then Borat) By November the celebrities will be gone but the people of Haiti will still be there - ignored as usual.

Anyway, since you're not a celebrity and regardless of how much celebrity causes suck - I'm going to give through you as soon as I get paid - because with or without celebrities, the people of Haiti are still in a horrible situation.

But - Todd - if you ever are a true celebrity (it could happen - look at Kevin Smith!) - you must promise to use your powers for only good. (And changing airline policy because of your fat-ass doesn't count as a good use of powers - if the Association for Fat Advancement or whatever is behind you, you might go back and re-think your cause.)

However, if you are ever on the cover of People Magazine, I'm outta here. - National Enquirer? I'll become your chauffeur - (just to get some of your throw-aways, of course.)

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