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Let Me In

October 4 2010 at 12:23 AM
Dante Bean  (no login)

Loved it. If you dig the original, this is almost a shot for shot remake set in the states. Some parts are tamed down (nudity) and some parts are played up (violence). The movie has a more significant budget obviously, so it looks nicer, except for the totally unnecessary and really poorly done CG.

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Re: Let Me In

October 5 2010, 7:51 AM 

The original has been one of Mrs. Smirks favorite movies of the last few years (and she's not really a big horror fan - part of it may be the 'discovery' thing - finding it on Netflix and watching it having no idea what it was and being blown away.)

Anyway, we went to this last night, and she actually liked it better. (She too complained about the CG-ness of the attacks) I however didn't mind it. The quick savagery of this vampire was in stark relief to the pussi-fication of vampires in general by Twilight. This kid could mop up the entire Twilight gang and the friggin' werewolves before they even knew what happened.

Some great touches - resetting it in the 80's allowed them to keep that gritty feel, and all of the actors were top notch. With bullying all in the news, it was suddenly quite timely too. The kids moonscape wall was a good choice too.

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