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Crossman Trapmaster 1100

August 28 2003 at 1:50 PM
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What is the Trapmaster 1100? Is it a true air shotgun? I see people looking for shell and guns for sale I'd like more info about these airgums. Thanks

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Don R.
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August 28 2003, 10:51 PM 

CO2 gun, .38 bore, uses small re-usable plastic shotshells loaded with shot and closed with wads at each end. Seriously limited in practical power except for very close range, these were marketed as a backyard aerial target shooter with reusable plastic 'clay birds' that popped apart when hit.

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Love 'em

August 29 2003, 1:33 PM 

This is the Cat's meow for shooting Bee's that are always bothering you....You can shoot them flying..with the 1100....

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crossman 1100 trapmaster shotgun

October 4 2003, 10:45 PM 

The crossman 1100 shotgun is somewhat weak in power until you load in a 3.75 round diam. ball, then it becomes a monster in power and is extremely accurate.


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March 3 2005, 7:09 PM 

I've got 2 of these in near mint condition. They are a lot of fun. It's great to show a young gunner how to use and respect a firearm. the 1100 shotguns feel like the real thing. they are about the size between a .410 and a 20 Ga. they have real wood stocks, full rib. they take 2 co2 cylinders back to back in the forarm. they have 2 settings for air power. i bought these 2 1100's in I think about 1973. mike


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Pics. of the 1100 and Damage it can do !!!

March 16 2005, 3:43 AM 

Here is a Picture of MY Trapmaster 1100.....The License Plate ...I shot at Before........and after.......... Click on the URL or (((http))) Part at the Bottom of this post .....You can see ALL of the Pictures....I usually shoot .375 Hornaday,or Speer Ammo...but I could Not resist shooting 3/8 inch steel sling shot ammo out of the shot shells.....Click the Orange URL....Then Scroll Down The Page.... To See What the 1100 can do to an old license plate and other targets [/IMG]http://photobucket.com/albums/v283/SRVFAN/Crosman%201100%20and%20Target%20Practice/ I JUST LOVE TO BANG STUFF UP ..[img][/img]


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March 16 2005, 5:22 AM 

Nice pictures...I'm going to try the plastic rounds I made. How far did you shoot from at these targets? Is there any damage to your barrel? mike


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Shot at

March 16 2005, 12:37 PM 

TEN Yards,,,,,,No damage,,,,its a smooth bore,,and still looks pretty good.


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1100 shot shells

March 16 2005, 9:44 PM 

Dennis Quakenbush made a shot pistol that uses the 1100 shot shells. I have one and it is awesome. It shoots the shot or the .375 round ball. This gun was made from the crosman ssp250. It is great for shooting the bees, more so than the rifle. I also have the crosman 1100 with the trap thrower and over two hundred rounds of ammo. I also have a reloading block with 12 aluninum shot shells with reloading capabiltys from Kendon pellet gun repair in Montana. They make aluminum shells, wads, and reloading block with tool. I also have two boxes (50) of the break apart traps.


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Trapmaster 1100

March 20 2005, 8:45 AM 

Hi, I'm confused. Many guys praising this gun and another rates it as a weekshooter unless you do this and that. I have never seen one; just what are it's mfg specs? How many bucks are needed to buy a new one provided there is current production? Are they tough or need constant care? I was too lazy to search out this info on the internet. Is there a place I should go and get educated? The picture doesn't thrill me; I need to be sold---Walter---


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Hi Walter,,Crosman 1100 Info...

March 20 2005, 2:12 PM 

The Crosman Trapmaster 1100 is a novelty for sure,but it is a sought after collectable as well...It was only in production from 1968-1971.It was available with a skeet thrower and break apart targets,and a re-loading kit...I am fortunate to have all three....It was marketed as a (beginers shotgun) for young people that wanted to learn to skeet shoot..Stock it can propel a lead .375 roundball or 3/8"steel shot at 3-4 hundred feet per second,(depending on temperature,,,the higher the temp,,the higher the F.P.S. 40*-80*F).It IS fun to shoot ,,but as I say it is a collectable novelty,and can be purchased at some auctions.....the better the condition and the more accessories...The higher the price....A stand alone 1100 with No shells or access. depending on condition should go for $100 - $200 I.M.H.O...With ORIGINAL Shotshells,and RE-LOADING KIT I have seen the combo bring $450-$550 at auction...I have Never seen it up for Auction in 95% or better shape with Skeet Thrower AND Re-Loading Kit with Original Shotshells, Stock Tool, box, and paper work..That would be an interesting auction,watching Crosman collectors....The Problem shooting these (Fun Guns) is Crosman stopped making the original Red,Green,and Yellow,Shotshells more than a dozen years ago....Which now bring a nice price for the Original shells at $35-$50 per 100...Good thing someone bought the original shotshell stamping machines and now makes and sells (THE CLEAR Aftermarket shotshells) for about $25 Per 100....It's a good thing you can get more than 2 uses from each shell....I also bought a dozen aluminum ones from a maker in the North West.... If you are interested in collectables .Here is an article about The most collectable Airguns of the 20th Century... http://www.beemans.net/airguncollecting.htm



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Crossman Trapmaster 1100

March 20 2005, 8:43 PM 

Dave, Great job; thank you for all of that detail and pictures; a big help. It is really out of the world of Daisy plinkers. The guys are really enthusiastic about the 1100. I'd like to find someone nearby that has one and try it out. ---Walter---

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Re: Crossman Trapmaster 1100

April 20 2007, 9:05 AM 

When doing the changes I had opportunity to weigh the valve, the original made of brass was a heavy hitter of 32 grams, and the baby plastic only 6 grams. All the difference in speed is the delicate tuning between the power of the hammer, stronger/weaker spring in the body valve, weight of the valve etc. More testing will be undertaken, but the figures that is written in numerous airgun books, magazines, saying that the Trapmaster can produce around 600-650, ( with a heavy load of around 80 grains) is far from what I have achieved so far.

Want to read more http://www.luftvapenbladet.com/crosman_1100_trapmaster.htm

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