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DAISY Golden Eagle

January 11 2004 at 3:26 PM
Cohojoe  (Login cohojoe)
from IP address

I have a neighbor who has an old DAISY BB Gun, marked "Golden Eagle 1886-1936." Condition is very good. It has a brass or gold colored barrel & receiver. Also, about a 6" long tubular peep sight & a hooded front sight. Any information as to collector value & age/history or other miscellaneous info would be appreciated.
Thanks very much,

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Golden Eagle

January 12 2004, 4:58 AM 

The rifle is a 50th ann rifle to celebrate Daisy being in buisness for 50 years.It is collectable and value will depend on condition

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DAISY Golden Eagle

January 12 2004, 11:40 AM 

Would you be interested in selling it???? Contact me at steve.mohr@cpcassociates.com


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January 12 2004, 2:35 PM 

Thanks for the history info on the rifle. I still need to know its range of value. Condition is at least good+. Thanks again,

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January 13 2004, 8:35 AM 

I have seen these guns sell anywhere from $80 to $200. The latter price being for a very nice gun. With the orginal sight tube, correct screws, very good decal, functional gun and probably 80% or better copper finish.
Condition means so much. I have had sellers say there gun is very good condition and it would have parts missing, wrong screws, broken plunger heads, replacement parts from another gun, just to mention a few. Just because a gun goes "pop" doesn't mean it will shoot a bb. It might "lob" a bb 10 feet, compared to firing it out of the barrel at 200 ft.per.sec..

Then You have the problem with getting parts for these older guns. They are not cheap, and gunsmith work does not come cheap either. If You have to mail a gun for repair shipping and insurance there and back will be around $25.00, plus minium $25 for your gun to be looked at and then the parts cost and labor involved..

From My past buying experiences the Seller has a tendency to over-rate their guns..Not trying to mislead the Buyer but they think their gun is in very good condition compared to "fair to good" condition...The best thing to do is have pictures so a seller or appraiser can see first hand what he is buying. Experienced sellers list all defects on a gun, small dings, dents, power loss etc., because they offer a 3 day inspection and return, if the gun is not as described. Telling the defects up-front saves alot of hard feelings between Buyer and Seller.
Sorry to rattle on about this, just trying to get the point across about price ranges and condition of used guns...
Hope I helped and did not confuse You.


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January 13 2004, 12:19 PM 

You have done what I was hoping you would do - thank you VERY MUCH for the insightful value information! I will print out & deliver your reply to my neighbor who owns the gun.
You are obviously a knowledgable collector & I would not hesitate to take your advice any time. Thanks again!
Joe (Cohojoe)

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Daisy golden eagle

January 28 2004, 12:36 AM 


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Re: DAISY Golden Eagle

January 28 2004, 2:13 AM 

hey cohojoe,
you are well advised in taking rock 94's information.
i have bought from him in the past and will probably buy from him in the future. when he describes his guns ,you can bet that it is what he said it is when you receive it. ships it well too.

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