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High FSH Playgroup


-- where moms (and grandmoms, aunties, bff's, etc.) who have built families despite high fsh and other forms of infertility can talk about parenting concerns and share a laugh. Your moderator is Jasmine.

I created this playgroup in 2002 while I was waiting for my high fsh miracle son to finish gestating.


Although there is a link above to some netiquette items, the most important things to keep in mind are to have fun and to follow the golden rule, a universal in all cultures. We're all quite busy with our families and vocations. Each mom's post is a gift of her time.


In keeping with tradition in most web communities, I do ask that you use warnings in your titles in case sensitive moms need an fyi about ttc and pg posts, bereavement, miscarriage, cancer, religion, or other potentially touchy topics. However, you will find a link below called Thunderdome, and on that thread you are free to vent about anything. Invite your high fsh buddies if you like!

The cost of keeping this forum ad-free is about $39.95 every six months, and donations are

accepted via paypal, payable to high fsh playgroup at yahoo dot com (no asterisks or spaces). If you don't wish to use paypal, you can post on the board to Jasmine for instructions.

Thank you for helping to make this a quality forum! To contact the moderator, please post and ask for the addy.




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