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November 10 2011 at 9:31 AM
Victoria  (Login FishDr)
*HFP Mommies*

Response to gail! thank goodness you are fine. this thread is important!!!! (sensitive info ment)

I am SO bloody angry for you right now !!!! I want to give that woman and the PD a piece of my mind !! Get some pepper spray or mace, spray any dog right in the ******* eyes if it gets that close to you.

Bullshit you have to walk a route devoid of loose dogs, who's in charge here, people or animals ! Makes my blood boil, this is dangerous, how would that dog react to a small child - probably very differently compared to an adult !

Can you lodge a formal police complaint, detailing your concerns for children in the neighborhood ? I know that it wont do anything, but it will make you feel better. I have done this with a problem dog in our neighbourhood - posted a letter to the owner with my name if they wanted to discuss. I said that if I saw their dog out unattended again I would call Animal Control and the Police. Here we have strict leash laws so that helps and the PD are obliged to do respond. I told the owners that neighbours were scared for themselves and their children - so fix it.

Oh Gail, I hope that today is a better day for you. Sometimes there is just too much happening all at the same time ... deep breathe, this too shall pass.

Gentle hugs ...

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