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January 28 2012 at 4:39 PM
Mrs. A  (Login 39andTTC)
*HFP Mommies*

Response to Yes, yes and yes! (edited)

You have a Cooper baby too.  So sweet!  Would I have seen her photo on the boards they have?  Not that I'd remember at all (LOL!) but just curious.  I have to send Miss A's photo down there.  I actually want to go in person but the 1.5 hour ride each way takes planning.

This whole BFing experience has been totally unreal for me.  And I LOVE IT.  I went from "ok I can do this for the first week to get the colostrum at least" to "I can do this for a couple of weeks" to "ok maybe a month" to "ok the first 6 weeks is what really matter for nutrients" to "oh heck might as well go to a round number like 2 months."  "Well 3 months sounds like a good stopping point."  "Wait, we're already at 4 months?  Might as well go to 6 months now."

Miss A turned 5 months on Thursday.  Yesterday DH and I were talking and I think I'm really going to try to get to that 1 year mark.

Did you have ANY success with ANY bottle at ANY point?  Or was she exclusively at the breast the whole time?  I'm SAHM so I sort of gave up on pushing the bottle and instead just try to schedule stuff around feedings.

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