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WWYD???? Too much information warning!

August 14 2012 at 1:01 AM
waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too embarassed to say!  (Login Jtho)
*HFP Mommies*

So, even tho KM knows who this is by my login, I am waaay too embarassed to say with the question I'm about to ask!

Tonight, DH and I were 'relaxing' in our room after DD (9) and DS (5) were asleep (or so we thought). One thing led to another and we started messing around. Generally, we keep an ear out for the kids (and DS still has a monitor plugged in his room so we can hear him pretty easily) but we were pretty sure that they were both out cold and/or weren't listening as closely.

At a very inopportune time (not 'actual' sex but worse in some respects) DD barged in our room. I was faced away from the door and it took me a moment to react. She had a little smile on her face and immediately threw her face onto a pillow and said "I won't look, you can keep doing what you're doing". I was still dressed and popped up and said "No, let me walk you back into your room" (DH who wasn't dressed ducked)When I laid down with her, she said (with a little smile) "Something I heard scared me" I asked what but she said "I'm not talking". I quickly told her that Mommy and Daddy would never do anything to hurt each other. She said she was scared again and I asked her 'of what?' and she referenced a show that was on in our bedroom (which actually was a scary show). I told her it was scary but make believe. I also know she wanted me to sleep with her (a 'usual' issue that we have had with her). I waited until she fell asleep and left.

So, for morning time, I feel I should address this...or should I? DD is very quiet (doesn't ask a lot of questions, in part I believe due to an early speech issue and a still reticence to truly 'use her words' sometimes), so I don't want to 'wait for her to ask' as she likely won't, but then again I don't want to say too much...any ideas? I have been reading online a bit (talk about a mood kill;) and what I've read said to simply say "Mom and Dad need time alone for hugging and grown up stuff' and that it's okay.

Still, I worry I have scarred my little girl or encouraged 'promiscuos' behavior (yeah, I'm overreacting but still!)


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