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Part-Time Daycare Situation (long - sorry)

September 14 2011 at 10:54 PM
PhoebeMass  (Login PhoebeMass)
*HFP Mommies*

Our 2 year old (3 next week) DD has been going to a local daycare center 2 days/week since she was 7 months old. The center had just opened (the owner has 3 others in the area) and our DD was one of the first. For the staff that hasn't turned over, they all know her name and have some extra attention to her b/c she has been there since opening.

It is considered a mid to high level center. Not a Bright Horizons but seemingly close.

However, lately, it's been concerning to me. She is potty training. She wears underwear all day but pull-ups for naps and night time. I have explained that to her lead "teacher" but, apparently, this teacher takes her break at nap time. Two weeks ago she wet her mat and clothes 1 of the 2 days. The other day they put her in her pull-up. Last week, both days she was not put in a pull-up and wet her mat/clothes. This week, 1 of the 2 days she was not put in a pull-up and wet her mat.

Today, she did not wet her mat, because they put her in a diaper and kept her in it the rest of the day. I think her "teacher" from her previous, younger class was in her room today and did it accidently - I don't think she realized that she only wears underwear now. But, still, it's the communication issue within the center.

Her name wasn't even on the white board that lists the kids and their nap times. Like she didn't exist. An oversight and probably an innocent one....

I picked her up from the center's playground today and she had a runny, gooey nose and red marks on her face. I asked one of the providers and they said she had birthday cupcakes and the red was from the cupcakes. When I got home I realized they were scratches with dried blood on them. Not major but, nonetheless.

And one of the providers had taken her labeled water bottle and had given it to another child. When she saw me she grabbed it and put it back in the box of the kids water bottles. A bit of an "ick" factor.

For 2 years we've been happy with this place. Did you all see big changes when the kids hit 2.9 and move up to a larger ratio of kids:providers? Did you see changes when the kids got more active? Do you see a change in care when a child is only there 2 days/week? Do they just get lost in the full-time crowd since the providers know their behavioral patterns more indepthly?

I will go talk with the director next week. Just wanted to get input and thoughts/advice. Thank you, all.

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Pink Dandelion
(Login Pinkdandelion)
*HFP Mommies*

Some questions...

September 14 2011, 11:11 PM 

Hi PhoebeMass,

Happy Birthday to our kids who share a birthday!!

Did your DD just move to a new room? I wonder if she did if all the changes are causing her to not stay dry. Why they arent consistently using the pullups for nap is a mystery to me. Are there many fill-in caregivers? Or a large turnover? Do you think its just one caregiver who doesnt know the routine? I know that where my son goes, they sometimes have afternoon fill-ins who dont know the kids as well, and my boys go 2 days a week also. Many kids in my boys classes are part time, so I wouldnt allow them to use this as an explanation.

I think I would start with the lead teacher, explain your concerns, and what can be done to clarify the pullup use. As for putting the water bottle back after another child drank out of it, why that is just ick ick ick in my book; I would bring that up too. As for the scratches with blood, that could just be an innocent theory, thinking it was from the red cupcakes, but it does strike me as odd how no one heard her scream when she obtained the bloody scratches? The same goes for not having her name on the white board. That would concern me that she is not being accounted for, unless that was something that was filled out on a day that she wasnt there.

I have to be honest--Im not sure Id go to the director just yet. All you need is your DDs teacher mad at you because you went to the director; you know how some people can be when they perceive you have gotten them in trouble (even though it would be well-deserved, if you could pinpoint who is responsible for these issues). I would try and work it out with the teacher first, and if it doesnt vastly improve quickly Im afraid Id start looking for another center. I dont think Id talk to the director until I had my child placed elsewhere. If your mom radar is going off, then it is best to listen to it!!

Happy Birthday to your DD!!


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(Login ZakiaZ)
*HFP Mommies*

This happened to us...

September 15 2011, 8:17 AM 

The turnover at our daycare is currently a bit high as they're searching for staff to replace others who have either moved on or are going on mat leave. There are like 3 pg. caregivers to replace.

I've noticed that ds's clothes are mixed up with other kids. Their cot blankets are mixed up. Their noses are snotty (not a big issue but still, I never let their noses go snotty). I can never ever find ds #1's hat at the end of the day and the new staff just don't know what belongs to which kid. I have to be more vigilant about labelling their stuff.

It sure is annoying but sometimes I think it's a bit overwhelming for them so I'm trying to cut them some slack but it sure makes me being at work all the more difficult.

Maybe try having a chat with the most senior teacher about your concerns. The potty training thing for sure. You can't be casual about that. If that doesn't resolve things then take it to the Director.


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(Login jk403)
*HFP Mommies*

my thoughts

September 15 2011, 3:13 PM 

My dds go full time so I can't comment on the part time issue, but I can see how the teachers wouldn't be as attuned to the 2-day a week children. Seems like potty training would be a big issue for the 2/3 yr classes, that's usually when it happens for most children, so they should be on top of it.

Anyway, I think each incident in isolation wouldn't concern me but together they might. What is the turnover rate? That is usually a big concern for me, I think a high turnover rate might be a red flag...

How is the director? Do you like them? They are a major factor in teacher turnover, so if there is a bad director usually the place is bad in general. I probably would bring my concerns to the director, you don't have to name particular teachers but just mention that there seems to be a lack of stability in the class etc. I think if you bring it up in a non-hostile way it would be fine.

If there are any marks on my dd we always get an accident report (they even filled out one for a bruise that happened at home!) so that would concern me.., although I guess if they really thought it was something else...

The water bottle is also a concern, not just the ick factor but daycares should work hard so that illnesses are not spread, things are just spread so easily even without them sharing cups! So that should really be a big rule I think.

sorry and I hope things improve!


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keiki's makuahine
(Login goldiescholar)

the 3yo class is a jump

September 16 2011, 8:54 AM 

Is she in a 3yo class? My son was still p/t when he was 3, and b/c of potty-training, it was a big jump. We all got letters the summer before that school year saying that our dc would get "3 strikes," and if they had 3 potty accidents in a month, they were out! OMG! (That cdc director was asked to resign that year.)

The f/d class wasn't quite as stern, but I have heard that those teachers weren't as loving, so there does seem to be something about 3yo classes.

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(Login FishDr)
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a single incident ...

September 19 2011, 12:20 PM 

well OK .. you could discuss with the lead teacher. Combined, there is some cause for concern. Here is what I would do -- put it all in writing, short and brief (bullet form) and give it to the lead teacher. I wouldn't yet go to the director, but if there is chance passing etc. would mention that you have posted comments to the teacher.

Really, keep it simple (no chance for teacher errors)

1. DD takes a nap daily, she needs a pull-up for nap only. Please add her to the nap list.
2. Please make sure that her water bottle is not shared with other children.
3. Etc.

I also understand the need to keep the peace given that they take care of your daughter all day. I would start by commenting about the move to a new class, how your DD likes the teachers, time for adjustment for all etc. It's hard as you don't want them to become defensive. I would be a bit aggrivated, however, at the catalogue of errors. Really, dried blood - how did they miss that !


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