DRUNKEN MASTER: Yuen Biao Doubled Jackie Chan

Yuen Biao often doubled in martial arts and acrobatics, and occasionally for stunts, for his co-stars.  This forum is dedicated to the incredible performances of Biao in these roles.

Having seen most of Biao's films, including those where he is not credited for his spectacular martial arts and acrobatics doubling, I have become very adept at recognizing him, no matter for whom he is doubling.   Here are my criteria for determining that it is Biao doing the doubling for the stars:

Physique/musculature.....Hair.....Distinctive jawline.....Eyes.....High cheekbones.....Characteristic acrobatics.....Beautiful martial arts stances/form.....

Some of the techniques which filmmakers use to obfuscate the fact that an actor is being doubled:

   Martial arts/acrobatic/stunt double facing away from the camera – hey, if the actor were really performing the MA or the acrobatics, etc., he/she would want to be seen!
  The editing: watch where the cuts are
   Actor is filmed from a distance, e.g., in Drunken Master, most of Jackie’s scenes where he is performing the Eight Drunken Fairies katas are shot close up, but when Biao doubles Jackie for the bending backwards form, the camera is quite a distance away, e.g., the image above
   Wigs, beards/mustaches, body padding, costuming, even a skullcap in The Magnificent Butcher

Note: This may look like just another forum, but in most threads you will find a link to a web page for that film.
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