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PP NAUTILUS Jumbo 3700

October 7 2004 at 2:20 PM

Gatsby  (Login Greatgatsby)
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Hello Patek lovers,

a nice short story:

Maybe you have read my post one week ago in the sales corner, I sold a PP 3700 from a very nice gentleman here in Hamburg, who is the original owner of this watch, bought it new at Patek Philippe dealer in 1979.
The owner is an international famous ingenieur and weared the Nautilus from 1979 to 1992. Then he took it in his safe till last week. He told me, that he loves this watch over all, but he really have missed a second hand since he bought it .

He is a very 'perfect' man - he bought also a IWC Ingenieur in 1954 and still have everything what have come with the watch - so he gave me everything with the Nautilus like buying new in 1979 and all correspondance he had with PP over the years, including service papers. All is like new, including the wonderful inner- and outerbox. So we sit in his living room and talked a few hours about life, literature and of course watches. It was a wonderful and special time, this nice gentleman was over 70 years old and had so many interesting things to tell. He saw nearly the whole world with his Nautilus and I was of course very impressed.

Ok., then I posted the watch the next day here on sales corner and got many offers. Somebody from Berlin was very fast and got the watch, the watch was sold easy, but I was very sad. Some friends here know me from the AP Forum, I am a big AP RO Jumbo fan and always thought that this is the nicest watch on earth for me. But one day with the 3700 was enough that I felt totally in love with the Nautilus (but still love the RO Jumbo too ). And now, to make the story a little bit shorter:
I called the buyer and asked him to get the watch back and he told me that he like it, but never been to 'warm' with the design, he bought it more for collecting reasons.

So, I got it back yesterday and I am the happiest man you can imagine. Felt now TOTALLY in love and be crazy enough to say that this is the nicest watch I have ever seen!!

It is now on my wrist while writing and I hope that I can post some scans soon. Sorry for this long post and my simple english, but I really wanted to tell you my little love-story.

Please show me your Nautilus and I would be very happy about any information I can get about this beauty !!

All the best

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