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I think there are some different issues here....

October 9 2004 at 4:41 AM

SuitbertW  (Login wsw_de)

Response to My first Patek. I'm disappointed. Advice needed...

Hi Mike,
first I've to say that I really can understand your dissapointement and there are apparently different issues which I try to specifay a little bit.
  • The dust specs on the minute and hour hand: it seems to be the same sort of specs all over and apparently this is white (could be the lighting as well, but...)? Could be simply dust, but could be some particles which came off the hands luminous material, for example. Anyway this is something which is there and shouldn't be - clearly a flaw not to be expected and accepted.
  • The seconds hand, this one is silver in colour and polished surface and is painted (sprayed) with white laquer afterwards. It's not as easy as it sounds, cause it's hard to control the amount of laquer and to properly paint the sides as well. Therefore the sides of "your" seconds hand looks "sprinkled" like this - just missing the right amount of laquer. It's a very common and often found problem with painted hands. (not meant as excuse here, just to put it in context)
  • The automatic transmitting wheel, obviously they changed the material here. Interestingly the center looks if it's laser welded, but hard to tell by the picture alone. Surface quality dooks a bit crude. Usually a steel wheel is more costly to produce and I'd guess they changed for reliability reasons. Finish could clearly be better, but technical functionallity isn't influenced. (nor excuse here as well, but neither a real "flaw" IMO)
  • The jewel settings are really looking a bit crude and the burr isn't acceptable in my oppinion, but technically I wouldn't expect any influence. The jewel on the very bottom, I don't think it's cracked, I'd more guess it's a reflection of the pinion.

Sorry for the large number of "but" in the text, I've just tried to explain some of the issues.
I'd be curious to see a scan of the complete watch and movement. Macro shots alone are sometimes a bit difficult.
(nice pics BTW)
Best regards

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