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Thanks for the feedback. Some pics of the watch.

October 9 2004 at 5:03 PM
Anonymous  (Login mike_calabasas)

Response to My first Patek. I'm disappointed. Advice needed...

Thanks for your response Suitbert. Here are some (bad) images of the watch. The specks on the hour and minute hands are indeed white. I think you are right. They seem to be a speck of the luminous material sticking of the side... The specks on the seconds hand seem to be tiny laquer droplets then. They look like paint droplets and they are on the bottom part of the hand's side surface. For the cracked jewel(???), you might be right being a reflection. I can’t tell for sure but it does not move much...

Image Hosted by

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steel rotor power transfer wheel zoom

Ei8htohms, by the naked eye the watch looks beautiful even at a distance much closer than 30cm. Even at 4x the back looks stunning and perfect. I know the shots above are at high magnification and that imperfections tend to look exaggerated as you zoom-in but the size of the jewels and the hands should give a good idea of the size of the burrs and specks. I’ve come to have high expectations by reviews like your John (zoomed in pictures) so you share part of my disappointment blame : )
I understand that imperfections will always be visible at high magnification but as I said, my expectations from a watch maker of such quality and reputation were high. That’s why I wanted to run these info by you guys to see if I’m reasonable or unreal.. I hope fixing those should not be a big deal to Patek and I’ll be a happy and proud Patek owner...
Best regards,

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