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Not to be a party pooper or controversy for the sake of controversy

October 9 2004 at 7:13 PM

ThomasM  (Premier Login thepurist178)
AP Discussion Group

Response to Due to the many watch enthusiast friends I meet..

iconoclast, but what about this piece makes it so special, other than the incredible auction hammer prices realized in recent auctions?

Hi, Jaw,

As you (and hopefully most visitors to this site) know about me by now, I usually try not to post something controversial just to be controversial, yet try also not to shy away from a legitimate learning experience even if it risks misunderstanding and possibly (erroneous) personal offense.

What exactly about the Cottier world time pieces like the one pictured in this opening post makes it such an exalted, nearly mythical piece so lusted after by aficionados and collectors around the world?

Anyone willing to share their opinions or expertise?

Thanks in advance,


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