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....looking for info from 5135 owners...

November 21 2006 at 9:42 PM

WatchFan1  (Login WatchFan1)
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Response to Re: Please get the 5396 so i can play with it.

I like the shape and size of the case, but I think that better
fit could be achieved with a custom strap.

In order to get the watch fit better and eliminate the 'horns' - I have decided to get a custom strap made.

It will be made 'slightly' thicker (only at the end) AND even height (without the hump - as seen in the picture above in this thread) across the whole width - where strap comes to the case.
You can see the projected thickness in this picture:

Also the tapering (from the side view) will not start until the strap 'leaves' the lug area. (Stock PP strap tapers
almost immediately after the spring bar hole.)

In order to get this custom strap to fit as good as possible, I need to know:
1) the length of the lugs in mm (on the inside - from the flat surface of the case to the inner furthest tip of the lug)
2) - approximate distance in mm from the flat surface of the case to area where the hole for spring bar is placed.

If any of the current 5135 owners could help me with providing measurements for 1 & 2, I would greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

(credit for the last two pictures - before I edited them - goes to Mr. Schileo)

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