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Well... yes and no.... IMHO....

November 22 2006 at 10:26 PM

happy_wis  (Login happy_wis)
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Response to Patek's control in HK

Yes, Hong Kong is good for walk-in customers (especially from overseas or from mainland China).... but for their layol local customers.... probably not.

I heard from AD in HK that they prefer to deal with people from overseas (or China) as they have less demand. They just come in, get the watch and pay the money.

With local customers, they have to maintain the so-called customer relationship.... something that costs money/resources to do it. With walk-in / one-time customers, they don't have to do it.

As fellow purist bmccaw said, he has been buying from the same AD for 8 years, bought many different models (including slow-moving ones to grand complication).... but still he is treated as a total stranger... I cannot see "customer-relationship" here.

He also mentioned that he did register all his PPs but still.... not getting what he deserved.

Regarding the invitation by Mr Stern or the boutique. Well... may be... but as far as I know you have to buy from the boutique in order to be their client. Local clients buying from local ADs will not give you such privilege.... no matter you register your PP or not.

From the HK ADs/distributor point of view, as long as there are "enough" customers to move their watches, they are ok with what they are doing now.

1. bmccaw, you are not alone. I did experience similar and I have given up now.
2. In HK, I believe that they don't have to ask for the "premium" as they usually have enough supply of the "hot models". It doesn't make sense for them to "kill the hen, and take out all the eggs in one-go"

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